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24 Sep Which is the best plant-based milk for cappuccino?
Hatim 3 3598
First of all, it must be mentioned that coffee, and especially when milk and sugar is added, is a very personal matter. Many of us have been drinking the brew in a specific way for a long time. Of cou..
11 Mar 5 sustainable products for a better world
VeganMission 0 7578
An environmentally conscious lifestyle is about long-term thinking: my way of life causes as little damage as possible to my natural environment. The first step is to create awareness. For example, aw..
01 Dec Waarom veganisten hoop kunnen halen uit de zwarte pieten discussie
someone 0 6662
Waarom veganisten hoop kunnen halen uit de zwarte pieten discussie. Afgelopen week zat ik in een drukke ochtendtrein. Uit verveling scrolde ik over de Google nieuwspagina waar de opstootjes van de Sin..
06 Nov De 5 voedingsmiddelen die iedereen meer zou mogen eten
Hatim 2 2213
De 5 voedingsmiddelen die iedereen meer zou mogen eten   Hi! Ik ben Lobke Faasen en ik ben plantaardige diëtist.Vanuit mijn praktijk geef ik online voedingsadvies aan mensen met diverse hulpvragen e..
24 Oct Sshhhhh, een stalbrand
someone 0 2737
Sshhhh, een stalbrand!Vanochtend werd ik wakker van gelach. Mijn zoontje gilde van blijheid terwijl papa sokjes om zijn kleine teentjes deed. Ik keek ondertussen even op Facebook. Mijn hart brak. Het ..
02 May Chicken, the most abused piece of meat
Hatim 1 4754
Chicken, the most abused piece of meat Imagine: You enter a building with 160,000 chickens in cages, spread over 3 floors.The building extends to as far as you can see. A deafening noise, blowing dust..
02 Apr Undercover in a Factory Farm
Hatim 2 4077
Undercover on a Factory Farm - Robert Molenaar, founder of the animal rights organization Animal Rights Nederland I was twenty years old when I stopped eating meat. During those twenty years I had nev..
18 Feb Animal Rights - What we do and why we are doing it
Hatim 3 4311
Animal Rights is a 100% animal rights organization. This is what we find the most important: each animal is an individual with the right to life and welfare. We believe that inflicting stress, anxiety..
02 Jun Vitamin D - What, when and how
4 5928
Generally speaking, vitamins are organic compounds that cannot be made by the body, but are necessary for proper functioning.Obtained through the diet or supplementation, vitamins are vital to growth,..
07 Apr E-Numbers from Animal Origin
1 31731
We focused mainly on e numbers which exclusively from animal origin can be derived or they might come from animal origin as well. Either it is mentioned on the packaging, if not, then it is alway..
05 Mar Because every life matters - Rata's Animal Shelter
0 3805
Bart and Ines have a fully equipped shelter for the animals, like fish, rats, ferrets, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs to donkeys, each animal has its place. The animals that have been abused, neglected o..
06 Feb The Nr. 1 Vegan Cleaning Agent
Admin 2 2885
Do you want that your cleaning agents are also vegan, cruelty free, durable and as cheap as possible?Go to any supermarket to pick up a bottle of vinegar. You will get a magic agent with endless possi..
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