Animal Rights is a 100% animal rights organization. This is what we find the most important: each animal is an individual with the right to life and welfare. We believe that inflicting stress, anxiety and pain on animals, deprivation of their natural behavior and ending their lives is non-human and undignified. We stand for a harmonious, peaceful and green society, where the rights and welfare of humans and animals are guaranteed.

What We Do

With revealing undercover pictures, good research work, strong arguments, life-saving actions and powerful petitions we are a voice for the weakest in society. We are active in the Netherlands and Belgium and are 100% committed for animal rights. Within it we have four themes: 

#bandejacht  (#BanHunting)

Animal Rights rescues many geese in the Hoekschewaard by alerting them with horns before the hunters could get them. We also fight in court against exemptions that allow the hunters shooting of these geese. We encourage the use of animal friendly chase away methods such as the lasers of the Bird Control Group.

#wegmetbont (#DownWithFur)

Animal Rights reveals the abuses in mink breeding. We make video recordings of animals that live in miserable conditions.Also the brutal manner in which the animals are treated. We urge politicians to shut down the fur farming industry as quickly as possible.

#stopdeslacht  (#StopHunting)

The rights of the animals are being thrown away massively in the livestock sector. There is literally no room for all these special and sentient living beings. We believe that the breeding, transport and slaughter of animals should be and can be stopped. Animal Rights reveals many abuses from the livestock industry. We make the hidden animals visible to the public with shocking and groundbreaking reports. Animal Rights has also launched an educational campaign to educate people about plant nutrition: Plant Power (

#vervangdierproeven (#ReplaceAnimalTesting)

We are increasing the pressure through revealing reports, campaigns and petitions. We want to put an end to animal testing. Indeed, it is high time for non-animal alternatives. For example, recently we launched a petition to ask the Dutch government to explore more animal-free testing methods.

How you can help

Choose for Plant Power. You can find lots of information about plant nutrition on our website. Rescuing animals begins on your plate.

Animal Rights depends entirely on donations and receives no subsidy. We are pleased with all the support we get. We are also always looking for volunteers. You can find more information on our website.


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