Bart and Ines have a fully equipped shelter for the animals, like fish, rats, ferrets, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs to donkeys, each animal has its place. The animals that have been abused, neglected or the people are fed up with the costs what comes with owning an animal. Usually these beings to be cared for by Rata's animal shelter afterwards. So VZW Rata’s Animal Shelter is a permanent home for neglected, abused, disabled, sick and old animals.


After reception, there is a full control at the vet, rx, echo ... and in most cases operations. Now they do have godparents to offset the costs somewhat, but far too little to maintain the shelter. The bills of the veterinarians have unduly increased , so they organize on Easter Monday a fundraising party to collect as many pennies as possible so they can continue treating the animals as needed. They also have a FB page: Rata's animal shelter, so you can take a look what they do for the animals and why they do it. People around the shelter usually all are vegetarian and some of them vegan. Through their organization they want to put vegetarian and vegan food in the spotlight and people to get acquainted with the benefits of plant-based food and the vega/vegan lifestyle.


Now Ines will tell us more about the inhabitants of their shelter:                                                                                                                                                                        

"We have deliberately chosen to be a permanent home, and not a shelter. We keep all the animals until they get to the crossroads to get to the other world. We are also known for to go far, sometimes to far for any animal, no matter how big or how small he/she is... There is no difference between humans and animals, and animals too deserve every possible care that a man deserves. We always ask for our specialists depending on the condition or the disease of the animals. We work with a steady radiologist, oncologist, orthopedist, specialist in internal medicine, etc ... If it's safe, and the animal without question can take it, then we start the treatments, surgeries or we provide devices. Currently, our Galgo, Nilo has cancer ... He has a tumor in his knee capsule. Dr. Johan De Vos has been treating him for 16 months already! He had received maximum 6 months ... Nilo gets a maintenance chemotherapy and is doing increasingly well now...


One of our Great Danes: Rescue; her knee was shattered and the tibia was loose from the knee ... Lost Cause ... She was still young and had to grow so much and increase in size ... Rescue was required to get amputated ... We had no choice ... but Rescue is three now and is very healthy! She has a prosthesis and a wheelchair, but at home she walks great just on three legs. She gets special food and supplements to keep her joints strong and flexible.

Frodo, one of the cats has ear hematoma on both sides and is visually impaired. After some adjustments in house he runs happily around and he knows all distances so he can go anywhere and jump on and off the objects.

Lisa and Igor, two Danes both have hernias ... If they suffer they get infiltrated ...

Kasper, a tiny Chihuahua aged 13 ... Osteoarthritis, double hip dysplasia, bladder and kidney stones, bad teeth, has a heart condition and an elongated uvula ... He gets special diet, supplements, pain relief if needed, his teeth after the operation is healthy again, and his uvula will be shortened so he can finally breathe normally after 13 years! 

He's so sweet, so grateful ... he follows us everywhere ...

Clinton and Nikki, a special duo ... The blind guinea pig Clinton and his companion birdie Nikki. They are inseparable and we have given them a room, so they can stay together where Nikki can fly and Clinton can roam.

For some "hopeless cases", for our animals who deserve a chance! Animals that put you back on the floor with two legs on the ground and it proves that disability doesn't necessary mean limitation. 'Giving up' just doesn't exist in their dictionary!


We can learn a lot from them...

And when their time has come ... We want to be there, to give them a nice farewell and to thank them for the wonderful time they have given us and that we could help them.

We hope that we can help many more animals in our lives ... "