Chicken, the most abused piece of meat


Imagine: You enter a building with 160,000 chickens in cages, spread over 3 floors.The building extends to as far as you can see. A deafening noise, blowing dust everywhere, thousands of eyes staring at you. Who are you? Are you going to hurt us? You have a camera ready to capture the animal cruelty. You do not know where to look first, because everywhere is something to see and you have to inspect thousands of chickens. There are many types of chickens: bald chickens, dead chickens, decaying chickens, chickens with wounds, sores, feces everywhere, death and destruction.



And then comes the worst: some chickens staring you straight in your eyes.They look at you with a questioning look.They know you're different, you're not a brutal employee who will pick up the eggs or remove dead chickens.You walk very carefully with your camera through the corridors. You try to capture the images so that the outside world will know what is happening behind closed doors.Other chickens are in collapse, the environment is so hard that they will not last long anymore. They languish, with a broken leg, diarrhea or other illness. They will die a slow death, and nobody will help them.


A few weeks after our investigation we decide to remove some chickens from the horror barn.We want to give a few animals a new life, to live like a normal chicken. Pecking in the grass, chasing insects, take dust baths, sleeping in a tree, in short, give them the opportunity to exercise their natural behavior.With the Animal Rights Rescue Team, we ensure that the chickens are taken from the cages and brought to their new homes in transport crates.We carefully give them water, food and medical care. The chickens adapt quickly, even though they are severely damaged. We feel happy knowing that these animals will be good here. 

Benoit Van den Broeck

Campaign Coordinator Animal Rights