Do you want that your cleaning agents are also vegan, cruelty free, durable and as cheap as possible?

Go to any supermarket to pick up a bottle of vinegar. You will get a magic agent with endless possibilities. Ideal for in the kitchen, in the bathroom but also useful for  cleaning windows or wipe the floor with it. Vinegar is also the most environmentally friendly pesticide against mold and an excellent descaling agent and degreaser. It is also safe to regularly make the toys clean. Quick and easy. This all in one bottle. And when the bottle is empty, the empty bottle goes straight to the plastic container. Natural vinegar is just as good as conventional vinegar. I use the same vinegar for cooking and cleaning.


Usually 2/3 hot water  to 1/3 vinegar is already powerful enough, but the dirtier your kitchen is (bathroom, floor, window ...) the more vinegar suggested to use. For example to clean the floor you can use 1 dl vinegar in one bucket of warm water. Against mold you might wanna use pure vinegar, so no water. Just spray the plain vinegar on the surface and after a half an hour you can wipe it down with a wet cloth. (Repeat if needed!)


In a few words vinegar is not harmful to the health and to the environment. It's  100% vegan, very cheap, available in every supermarket, easy to use, durable, animal-free and reliable. A real must in every household.

photo credit: (vintage vinager bottle)