An environmentally conscious lifestyle is about long-term thinking: my way of life causes as little damage as possible to my natural environment. The first step is to create awareness. For example, awareness during shopping. Packaging materials and ingredients play a major role.

We have listed the top 5 sustainable products of for you. Win-win situation for you and for nature. Do you know them already?

Denttabs – Toothpaste Tablets (125pc)  

This is the alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube! DentTabs' toothbrush tablets mainly consist of vegetable cellulose, which means that the teeth are strictly not "brushed" but polished. You can not only feel the effect, the teeth also look shinier and all without micro plastics. Also discolorations of tea, coffee, red wine or nicotine, for example, disappear, because the coloring pigments cannot adhere to the smooth surface. Most importantly, no plaque can form on such a polished surface. And there are no holes without plaque.

Rhythm108 Double Choco-Hazelnut Biscuits  

Plant-based dark chocolate cookies mixed with a chocolate batter made with hazelnut and oatmeal, and baked to a vegan crunchy perfection - these vegan cookies  are for serious chocolate addicts. Gluten-free, organic and palm oil-free delicacy in a plastic-free packaging.

iChoc White Chocolate with Nougat Crisp

This chocolate with a praline filling and crunchy hazelnut pieces is made with rice milk and is therefore ideal for a plant-based chocolate moment. The packaging is FSC certified paper and compostable NatureFlex film, plastic-free.

Vego Fine Hazelnut-Chocolate Spread 

If you love the taste of the Vego bar you can enjoy this as well. This is the Vego Chocolate Spread in a reusable drinking glass. When your vego spread is finished, you can use the jar as a a container for coffee, tea, herbs, etc. or a regular drinking glass. Very handy!

PHB Peppermint & Blackseed Ethical Soap  

P.H.B. Peppermint & Blackseed Natural Soap, for cleaning and moisturizing. Pamper your skin with 100% natural palm oil-free soaps. Lovingly handmade in small batches with skin-caring Shea butter and vitamin-enriched olive and coconut oil. Plastic-free packaging, nice smell. P.H.B. is a Family Business, 15% of the profit goes to charities.