First of all, it must be mentioned that coffee, and especially when milk and sugar is added, is a very personal matter. Many of us have been drinking the brew in a specific way for a long time. Of course there is also a certain standard (which is used in the catering industry, for example) to which we are all used. But at home we often have a recipe that is dear to us. This guide will not only help make your own recipe plant-based, but also make the search for the alternative fun.


Sugar, milk, honey, a sweet or maybe you go even further with cocoa powder and / or other nice options. All these variations and combinations change the texture, taste and sensation. Replacing one of the above options can be experienced as difficult, easy or terrible. That depends entirely on how much value you attach to your specific mixture. There is therefore a chance that when you switch to a more sustainable plant-based option, it can be a deterrent if you cannot immediately find the right option. Since you are reading this, it means you have already taken the first step. You want to contribute to a cleaner world and you have already earned points for that! Now we're going to make this quest fun too!

First, it helps if you get curious. Become curious about all the options, combinations and possibilities that are already available. Also remember that you get used to everything; after about a week you get used to the taste and you have a new standard.

You can start by choosing plant-based milk over regular milk when you are out. This gives you a taste of the different flavors and types of vegetable milk that are used. Many catering establishments offer a soy or oat alternative. Keep in mind that a whole carton of plant-based milk costs about as much as one cup of coffee outside the door. So you can also choose to choose a different option every week so that you can try it out at home. This way you can be sure that the cup of coffee at home will taste like you will make it frequently. Outside the door it can be made slightly different, making it difficult to imitate at home. At Vegan Mission we sell the Alpro versions for Professionals. These are the variants that also occur most often in the catering industry. If you choose to experiment at home but don't like the taste at all? Maybe you can do something else with the milk. Like using these for your cereal or oats. Maybe look up a nice recipe online or you give it away to someone who is happy with it. This is how we combat waste together!


First, we will discuss the types of vegetable milk that foam best or mimic a regular cappuccino, for example. This way you can make a delicious vegetable cappuccino, latte machiato or latte at home.


Foam, flavor and texture

The Alpro Oat, Soya and Oatly oats seem to foam the best. They all taste good, sometimes a little sweet by themselves. It is up to you to decide what you like best. If you are not going to foam the milk, you can also try the coconut from Natures Charm. This has a strong coconut flavor but foams less. The Alpro Oat can also be used well for latte art, the coconut variety a little less. The oat and coconut can be experienced as predominant in the coffee, the soy has this slightly less. And remember; this is all highly personal and you get used to everything! Alpro's rice milk most resembles a regular cappuccino or other coffee with a lot of foam. Although it can feel a bit greasy again and the foam remains firm for a little less time. Alpro's oat, soya and coconut give less that greasy texture. If the above options do not offer a way out, the Almond from Alpro can also be tried. This gives a bit of the almond flavor of marzipan. However, if you're looking for an experience that is as close to regular milk as possible, the nut varieties may be too strong and feel slightly greasy.

Side note - these tests were done with professional catering equipment. It may just be that the way you foam at home gives a completely different effect. Do you also add sugar or something else to the coffee? Then buy the starter pack and start experimenting at home. You can drink the remaining milk as chocolate milk or use one of the other options listed above.

If you are used to using a coffee powder, or you are not going to foam, you can also try this alternative.

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