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#1 Super Fudgio Discount Bundle - New!
-10 %
Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio Discount Bundle  We all know the moment: you sit comfortably on the couch in the evening and suddenly you think of something delicious. Can be sweet or even sweeter, but certainly plant-based. These vegan Super Fudgio products are handy to have in the cupboard at such moments. In the box you'll find:  -Super Fudgio - Cereal Pillows with ChocoNut-Super Fudgio - Choc..
9.69€ 10.76€
Ex Tax:8.89€
#2 Vego Discount Bundle
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Vego
Vego BoxOrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeFairtrade Check out our vegan Vego Box for the very best. In the box you'll find:- Vego - Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread- Vego - Nuts and Berries- Vego - White Chocolate Almond Bliss- Vego Chocolate Bar- Vegolino Nougat Pralines..
16.17€ 17.96€
Ex Tax:14.83€
#5 Treats with Coconut Blossom Sugar - Discount Bundle
New -10 %
Treats sweetened with Coconut Blossom Sugar - Discount Bundle The use of too much sugar leads to weight gain, contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases and causes fluctuations in hormone balance. It is therefore sensible to replace the conventional sugar you use with an alternative that produces the same sweet taste but is a lot less unhealthy. In that case, a good alternative..
13.74€ 15.26€
Ex Tax:12.61€
No Waste Good Taste! – Throwing food away is sooo 20th century! If you are against food waste, then this is for you! For half of the price you get the same quality and the same taste. This box contains products to the value of €16 or more!In our No Waste Box there is always something interesting for everyone! You find several food products, some of them might have a shorter expiry date (2-3 days)..
Ex Tax:7.33€
Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle Box
-15 %
Plastic Free Bathroom Box -Ben and Anna Mouthwash 500ml-       - Ben and Anna Pure Deodorant Stick 60g-       - Ben and Anna Toothpaste Sensitive 100g-       - Ben and Anna Toothpowder Charcoal 20g-       - Lekker in een Potje Neutral Deodorant  30ml-       - Nordi..
52.45€ 61.70€
Ex Tax:43.35€
Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle Box - Starter
-10 % Out Of Stock
Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle Box - Starter Check out our vegan Plastic Free Bathroom Starter gift box selection for the very best.  - The Humble Co -  Bamboo Cotton Swabs- Nordics Dental Floss - Fresh Mint- Ben and Anna – Vanilla Orchid Deo Papertube- Ben and Anna – Toothpaste Sensitive- Le Papier Lip Balm - Pure..
23.95€ 26.61€
Ex Tax:19.79€
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