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De Rit

Brand: De Rit
De Rit – Chocolate Spread Duo This chocolate spread duo consists of hazelnut spread and white spread and is a favorite by children.All chocolate spreads from De Rit are free from milk and are prepared with high oleic sunflower oil and are therefore rich in unsaturated fatty acids. OrganicPalm Oil FreeContains Hazelnuts, Lupin and Soya Ingredients:sunflower oil *, cane sugar *, corn ..
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Brand: De Rit
De Rit Chocolate Sprinkles, Extra Dark De Rit extra dark chocolate sprinkles make breakfast or lunch a treat. Delicious with butter on thick self-sliced bread or rusk. These sprinkles in the form of paillettes give your daily sandwich an extra special flavour and enhance the dark chocolate taste. But also surprisingly delicious on cakes and in desserts. Sprinkles made from organic cocoa ..
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