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Brand: Vego
Vego BoxOrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeFairtrade Check out our vegan Vego Box for the very best. In the box you'll find:- Vego - Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread- Vego - Nuts and Berries- Vego - White Chocolate Almond Bliss- Vego Chocolate Bar- Vegolino Nougat Pralines..
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Never Get Bored Bundle BoxGluten FreeSoy FreeNut FreePalm Oil FreeCooled Never get bored with your sandwich. These vegan cheeses are delicious. More than ever, people are saying bye-bye to dairy and looking for non-dairy alternatives to some of their favorite foods. These plant-based slices are perfect for your sandwich or toastie. Quick, easy and extremely tasty lunch every day.- N..
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#24 Nafsika's Garden All In Bundle
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Nafsika's Garden All In Bundle BoxGluten FreeSoy FreeNut FreePalm Oil FreeCooled Meet the Nafsika's Garden Family with discount. These vegan cheeses are delicious. More than ever, people are saying bye-bye to dairy and looking for non-dairy alternatives to some of their favorite foods. Try now!- Nafsika's Garden - Swizz Slices (Swiss Style)- Nafsika's Garden - Provol Slices (Pr..
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Brand: Biovegan
Biovegan Agar Agar – Gelling Agent Pure plant-based gelling agent for delicious marmalades, cake couvertures or vegetable jellies. The perfect alternative to gelatin.Preparation: Stir the Biovegan gelling agent agar-agar according to the instructions in the cold liquid, bring it to boil, and let 2 min slightly yarn while stirring.. For cold substances: mix 2 g organic gelling agent agar-agar ..
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Brand: Byodo
Byodo Aioli Alternative with GarlicByodo Aioli is produced from the very best Byodo ingredients including extra virgin olive oil and condimento bianco blended with fresh organic garlic. This produces a creamy, light, mayonnaise-style salad cream with a fat content of just 42%. The organic Aioli from Byodo goes great with tapas and toasted baguette, savoury appetisers and potatoes. It’s flavou..
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Brand: Ecomil
Ecomil Almond Drink - Sugar Free Ecomil Almond Drink Sugar Free Organic is a delicious almond milk in which you really taste the almonds! Ideal for thirst, delicious in your coffee, but also suitable for baking. Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeOrganic​Contains Almond Ingredients:Water, almond* (6%), tapioca starch*, natural almond flavouring*.*From organic farming.  1000ml &nbs..
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Brand: Terrasana
Terrasana - Arrowroot Arrowroot is the ideal binding agent for soups, sauces and desserts. It has a neutral taste and a clear binding. Arrowroot must be dissolved in cold water. The paste that then arises must be added to warm or boiling liquid. OrganicPalm Oil FreeGluten FreePlastic FreeIngredients: Arrowroot **=Organic150g  Nutritional Information per 100g..
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Brand: Bebe Mandorle
IMPORTANT NOTICEIn line with WHO recommendations from 1981 defined in the International Code of Breast Milk Substitutes, Baby MANDORLE and Vegan Mission advocate breastfeeding before all other alternatives and has always been committed to promote as much as possible. As breast milk is the ideal food for infants, the choice of breastfeeding should be made first and foremost for both ..
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Nature's Charm - Canned Banana BlossomBanana Blossom is the next star of the vegan ‘meat’ world. It can also be eaten raw and its chunky, flaky texture makes it an ideal plant-based substitute for fish. Slightly sweet and soft, full of nutrients. In a plastic-free packaging. Gluten FreePalm Oil FreePlastic FreeIngredients:banana blossom 51%, water, salt510 g Nutritional Informa..
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Nature’s Charm – Banana Blossom Marinated Marinated vegan banana blossom is a tasty natural Asian side dish. Slightly sweet and soft, full of nutrients. Tasty vegan meat substitute, good structure for every dish, especially vegan and gluten-free. Baking, grilling, steaming; it is all possible with banana blossom. Palm Oil FreeGluten FreePlastic Free Ingredients:Banana blossom, water..
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Alpro for Professionals Barista Almond Drink with added Calcium Tanning under the Mediterranean sun? Well, our tonsils don't say no to that! The Alpro almonds are lightly roasted to bring out their delicate nutty flavor. Perfect for a delicious cappuccino or latte art with almond flavor. Source of Calcium. Contains no added sugars, contains naturally occurring sugars. Start your day your..
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Alpro For Professionals Barista Coconut Drink with added Calcium Start your day your way. Whether it's about a delicious, vegan morning coffee or a refreshing vegetable snack. Go for Alpro for Professionals and you always make a vegan, tasty, healthy and environmentally conscious choice.Ready for a tropical trip… in your own country? The refreshing taste of coconut is the answer for all cocon..
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Alpro For Professionals Barista Gluten-Free Oat Drink Hurray, we have a winner! Completely gluten-free, so that every coffee lover can enjoy a delicious plant-based coffee. A full, creamy oat flavor with a silky smooth texture. Deliciously warm and cold. And don't forget: a microfoam for all latte artists among you. Oats are naturally gluten-free, but this is no guarantee due to cross-sprayin..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Belgian Thins Quinoa – Goji A variety of fine chocolate chips.60% organic dark chocolate – quinoa – goji berries – almonds – sunflower seeds – pumpkin seeds – pure cocoa nibs. A new way to savour chocolate! Belvas has created a new form of chocolate… broken, a delicious alternative to traditional chocolate bars.Easy to carry thanks to its closing zipper.Belvas processes all ingred..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo Pawtato Small KnotsSweet potato and rice knotsGluten Free Ingredients:Sweet potato flour 78%, rice flour 12%, preservatives: Calcium Propionate, Potassium Sorbate 150 g Analysiscrude protein min.  3.0 % fat content min.  0.5 % fibre max.  0.5 % ash  1.0 % moisture max.  17%  Feed anytime as a trea..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo Pawtato Small Purple KnotsBenevo's new vegan dog knots are gluten-free from purple and orange sweet potatoes and rice. These knots are sturdy and similar to the rawhide gnawing, but then 100% plant-based (it was not tested on animals). These little vegan dog bones are suitable for smaller dogs.The Purple Pawtato Knots in the color purple are tasty little dog knots based on sweet p..
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