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FAQ - Loyalty Reward Points

-If you buy a product in our store, you get loyalty points from us. The shipping costs are not included in the reward points.

-After your order is shipped the loyalty points are credited to your account.

-The Loyalty points will be displayed during the ordering process in the shopping cart (click on the shopping cart and then choose the 'View' button), you have to be registered for this purpose.

-It is possible to redeem only a portion of your reward points, you don't have to use them all at once.

-You are not allowed to use more than 1200 points for one order. 

-Discounted products and products with quantity discount are excluded from the loyalty reward points promotion. 

-It can be seen in your account under "loyalty points" how many reward points you have.

-For your loyalty points you get about 2-4% discount (it depends on the products for which you get the points) on your purchase price (excluding postage).

-There are a few products which are excluded from the Loyalty Point Discount.

-If you use another discount code for your order, in this case the reward points will be not credited. (For example a discount code with a fixed percentage for unlimited use.)

-That can happen that for some of the products you won't receive any reward points (there are not so many). You find the reward point quantity for a product next to the product, under the logo of that brand.

-There is no reward points being used in the Catering accounts.

-If you get 3 euros discount after your points for example, then the reward points what you would get for your current order, going to be reduced by 3 points.