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Brand: Bioland
Heeni Honey AlternativeA new highlight in our product range a 100% vegan alternative to organic honey! This typical product from South Tyrol is also known as ‘dendelion honey’, it can be used as a spread and sweetener for tea and all kinds of dishes. OrganicPalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:Corn syrup*, dandelion extract**organic 250g  Nutritional Information per 100gE..
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Brand: Horizon
Horizon Date SyrupSugarcane-molasses is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron This delicious date syrup is concentrated juice from cooked dates. Without any additions. Delicious on bread and very suitable for sweetening desserts, pastries, porridgeand pancakes. Prepared with 100% fruit. OrganicPalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:dates **organic 450g ..
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Brand: Horizon
Horizon MolassesSugarcane-molasses is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron and contains loads of phosphor and chrome. The plant is also called ‘The Black Wonder’ as it used by the natural medicine for centuries.Molasses has a wide range of applications, as it can be used as a sweetener for cereals, puddings, cakes or as a spread. Our tip: Sweeten your soya yoghurt with..
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Brand: VegaBlum
Vegablum Wonig - Honey Alternative Daisy Flavour Sweet Spread with Daisy extract.When the first daisies blossom, spring begins. And just as these delicate edible flowers are awakening, your taste buds begin to blossom when you have first tasted the delicious and hearty daisy-Wonig vegan honey of Vegablum.The vegan is the ideal alternative to conventional honey. The fact that honey needs a veg..
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Brand: VegaBlum
Vegablum Wonig - Honey Alternative Dandelion Flavour Sweet Spread with Dandelion Blossom extract.As tender as in the summer the seeds of the blow ball fly over the broad-green, colorful meadows like small umbrellas and bring children's eyes to the enlightenment, so flattering and heart-warming is also our delicious dandelion Wonig vegan honey of Vegablum.This vegan honey alternative is made f..
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YON Agave Syrup Your Organic Nature light agave syrup provides an ideal alternative to sugar due to the neutral taste and strong sweetness. Because of the low glycemic index, the carbohydrates slowly degrade in the body. Use agave syrup in your kitchen, sweeten drinks, desserts, muesli, yogurt and any other product what for you sugar used before. This light agave syrup is made from the j..
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YON Coconut Blossom Syrup This syrup is made from the sweet nectar of Indonesian coconut blossoms. Due to the caramel-like taste, it is a particularly tasty alternative to refined sugar. Suitable for sweetening hot and cold dishes. But also great for smoothies, desserts and breakfast cereals, for example, and on pancakes.  Palm Oil FreeOrganicIngredients:100% organic coconut blossom..
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