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All what you need for a successful summer barbecue, without any animal by-products of course!

Brand: Remia
Remia Like Mayo - Mayonnaise 800ml Like! Mayo is an egg-free mayonnaise based on 70% pure sunflower oil. Wonderfully soft and creamy with the flavor you are used to from mayonnaise. Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeIngredients:70% sunflower oil, water, vinegar, sugar, modified potato strach, salt, spices, herbs and spices extracts, food acid: citric acid, color: natural carotene, natural taste800..
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Brand: Mex-Al
Mex-al Liquid Hickory Smoke Liquid smoke with hickory flavour fora n inimitable, terrific smoky taste, ideal for preparing barbecue sauces and marinades. Palm Oil Free Ingredients: Water, destilled vinegar, hickory liquid smoke, colouring agent: caramel colouring (E150d), emulsifier E433340ml  Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 44 kJ/10 kcal Fat0,03 gOf whic..
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Brand: Remia
Remia Mayolijn - Mayonnaise 800ml Remia Mayolijn is 100% vegan and completely gluten-free. Tasty with potatoes and fries. Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeContains MustardIngredients:water, rape oil 30%, glucose-fructose syrup, vinegar, modified starch, mustard (water, mustardseeds, vinegar, spices), salt, potato protein, flavor, acid: lactic acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, antioxidan..
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Brand: Bionova
Bionova MayonnaiseA delicious and tasty egg-free mayonnaise from Bionova. Absolutely recommended. Perfect, real mayonnaise consistency. Enjoy with fries or on salads.  OrganicContains MustardPalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:Sunflower oil *, Rapeseed oil *, water, agave syrup*, mustard*, vinegar*, sea salt, xanthin gum, guar gum, white pepper* * Certified Organic&..
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Brand: Wheaty
Wheaty - Merguez Sausages This fiery vegan sausage has become a staple in French and Mediterranean cuisine. Originally from North Africa it is now finally available in a completely vegan variety. The Merguez is traditionally hot and spicy, and works great grilled, or as an exotic addition to stews, casseroles and much more.  OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Gluten and YeastIngredi..
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Brand: Wheaty
Wheaty - Mini-Weenies The most popular vegan ‘mini hot dogs’ are not meant only for children. Plant-based smoked sausages with a mild flavor. In general, the Wheaty products are suitable for freezing and defrosting.  OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Gluten, Mustard and YeastIngredients:Water, wheat protein * (30%), sunflower oil *, Yeast Extract, Spices * , Roc..
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Brand: Arche
Arche No Fish SauceThis vegan variant of the South Asian spicy sauce gives curries, sauces and dips the typical salt-spicy flavor with a touch of the sea. Without any animal ingredients of course. OrganicPalm Oil FreePlastic FreeContains SoyGluten Free  Ingredients:Water, Tamari * soy sauce *: (water, soybeans *, salt, alcohol *), rice syrup *, dried seaweed * (H..
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Pineapple Chili Sauce - Maepranom Brand Can be used as a salad dressing or a dipping sauce. Palm Oil FreeIngredients: pineapple 32%, sugar, water, yellow chili 5%, salt, modified corn strach, acidity regulator E260 330ml  Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 879 kJ/214 kcal Fat0 gOf which Saturated0 gCarbohydrates52 gOf which Sugar45 gProtein0,5 gSalt2,1 g..
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Brand: L'herbivore
L’Herbivore Seitan Lupin Grillburger – Balsamic HerbsThe seitan lupin grill plate with herbal balsamic flavor transforms your barbecue into a Mediterranean experience. The roast slab comes in the double herb pleasure, because here seitan meets herbal balsamic marinade. The characteristic aroma of the Mediterranean invites you to a romantic plant-based barbecue with a full-bodied red wine. As a sid..
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Brand: L'herbivore
L’Herbivore Seitan Lupin Grillburger – Tomato and Malt BeerWhy drink the malt beer with the burger, if you can eat it in the burger too? For lovers of sweet and savory food, the Grilled Tomato Malt Beer by L'Herbivore is just the ticket. With sweet tomatoes made for a hearty barbecue experience. Shaped like a burger. Of course, it also tastes good freshly grilled with pasta and potato salad. Or ho..
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Brand: On Off Spices
Onoff Spices - Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Just try not to eat any! Dip all day with organic Thai sweet chili sauce. Great with Asian dishes, in stir-fry, or just as a dipping sauce (you’ve been warned).This Thai 'sweet' chili dipping sauce from onoff spices! is a deliciously sweet chili sauce with red pepper. Use the sauce for example in wok dishes or as a dipping sauce. OrganicPalm Oil Free..
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Tofu Mini Wiener - Production problems at the manufacturer!
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Brand: Taifun
Taifun - Tofu Mini Wiener An excellent plant-based snack sausage for the smallest members of the family! Simply heat in a hot water bath for three to four minutes. Enjoy them hot or cold! Try the Tofu Wiener as a vegan snack – heat them up and serve them with mustard and fresh bread and fresh vegetables.  OrganicCooledPalm Oil FreeContains Soya, Gluten, Wheat, Oats and GarlicIn..
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Brand: Taifun
Taifun - Tofu Wiener Simply heat in a hot water bath for three to four minutes. Excellent also in vegan soups and stews. Enjoy them hot or cold! Try Tofu Wiener as a plant-based snack - heat them up and serve them with mustard and fresh bread and fresh vegetables.  OrganicCooledPalm Oil FreeContains Soya, Gluten, Wheat, Oats and GarlicIngredients: Tofu * 75% (soybeans * 55%, wa..
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Follow Your Heart - Organic Garlic Aïoli With its delighfully fragrant aroma and savory garlic flavor, this Aïoli Vegenaise brings the Mediterranean to your table! Palm Oil FreeOrganicCooledContains Soya, Garlic and MustardIngredients: Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil *, Filtered Water, Garlic Puree *, Brown Rice Syrup *, Apple Cider Vinegar *, Soy Milk Powder *, Sea Salt, Lemo..
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Follow Your Heart - Original Vegenaise Made with only the highest quality, non-GMO and expeller pressed oils (extracted without chemical solvents), Vegenaise is a heart-healthy, vegan spread. Palm Oil FreeCooledContains Soya and MustardIngredients: Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Filtered Water, Brown Rice Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar, SoyProtein, Sea Salt, MustardFlour, Lemon ..
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Brand: Sanchon
Sanchon - Worcestershire Sauce Spicy sauce made according to a traditional recipe, without flavoring or coloring agents. The classic savory, spicy taste gives something special to stews, vegetables, tofu, sauces and salads.  Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeOrganicContains Garlic and SoyaIngredients:water, brandy vinegar *, sugar beet syrup *, raw cane sugar *, aceto balsamic * (red wine vin..
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