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Brand: Clarana
Clarana – Cocoa Biscuits Fun for the whole family. The crispy Clarana biscuit with delicious cocoa is ideal for young and old. Without chocolate fingers, the delicious pastry offers you the full cocoa experience. The super tasty biscuit for the little sweet break in between. Palm Oil FreeC..
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Coconut Secret – Coconut Aminos Coconut Aminos is a seasoning based on coconut blossom juice. The juice ripens naturally and is mixed with sun-dried sea salt, which ensures a full, savory and unique taste. You can use the Coconut Aminos in marinades, dressings or sauces. OrganicPalm Oil Fr..
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Brand: Dent Tabs
Dent Tabs – Toothpaste TabletsThis is the alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube! DentTabs' tooth brushing tablets consist mainly of vegetable cellulose, which means that, strictly speaking, the teeth are not "polished" to size. You cannot all feel the effect, the teeth also look shinier and al..
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Brand: Eco Biscuits
Eco Biscuits – Smic Smac Cookies for KidsDelicious organic cookies with a hint of vanilla flavor in fun animal shapes. The cookies are sweetened with grain and statistics streets. OrganicContains Wheat, Soja, Barley Ingredients: wheatflour * - vol wheat flour * - unhardened vegetable ..
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Follow Your Heart - Organic Garlic Aïoli With its delighfully fragrant aroma and savory garlic flavor, this Aïoli Vegenaise brings the Mediterranean to your table! Palm Oil FreeOrganicCooledContains Soya, Garlic and MustardIngredients: Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil *, Filtered Water, Ga..
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Brand: Hobbit
De Hobbit - Lupeh Naturally fermented lupin beans. Cut it into pieces, marinate them and fry them in coconut oil. Palm Oil FreeOrganicContains Lupin Ingredients: cooked lupin beans*, apple vinegar*, mould (Rhizopus)*= organic farming170g  Nutritional Info..
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Brand: Hobbit
De Hobbit – Smoked Tempeh Tempeh, made from soy beans, naturally fermented and smoked. A meat replacer that contains all essential amino acids, minerals (Fe, Ca, P) and vitamins (vitamin B-group - except B12)  Palm Oil FreeOrganicContains Soya Ingredients: Soybeans*, water, ..
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Ma Vie Sans Gluten – Breadcrumbs Gluten free breadcrumbs.Cover the ingredients of your choice with potato starch + warm water, then roll them in the breadcrumbs before fry. OrganicPalm Oil FreeGluten FreeIngredients: Cereals * 97.5% (half-full rice flour *, corn flour *, buckwheat flo..
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No Waste Good Taste! – Throwing food away is sooo 20th century! If you are against food waste, then this is for you! For half of the price you get the same quality and the same taste. This box contains products to the value of €16 or more!In our No Waste Box there is always something interesting fo..
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Brand: Nordics
Nordics – Travel CaseWhen traveling, have you ever wrapped your toothbrush with plastic bags, toilet paper or even directly between your clothes? No more!Our case are made from real bamboo stems and you can see and feel how durable they are. Just grab one, put a brush inside and rock on!Plastic Free..
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Brand: Nordics
Nordics Dental Floss - Fresh Mint This awesome dental floss from Nordics oral care will help you prevent gingivitis, gum disease and bad breath. The floss itself is made from corn and has a thin layer of natural wax in order to easily get between these tight interdental spaces. The packaging is..
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Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle Box Plastic Free Bathroom Bundle Box
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Plastic Free Bathroom Box -Ben and Anna Mouthwash 500ml-       - Ben and Anna Pure Deodorant Stick 60g-       - Ben and Anna Toothpaste Sensitive 100g-       - Ben and Anna Toothpowder Charcoal 20g-      &..
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