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Brand: Arche
Arche Pudding Powder Vanilla ARCHE custard and sauce powders are made using fine corn starch and natural flavours such as Bourbon vanilla, cocoa or almond oil, naturally without added colouring, stabilisers or thickening agents, and using organically grown ingredients. One sachet..
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Brand: Bjökovit
Bjökovit B12 Drops Methylcobalamin 250 µg Vitamin B12 is essential for blood formation, cell division, and nerve function. Therefore, an adequate supply of this vitamin, especially on a vegan diet, essential. BjökoVit vitamin B12 methylcobalamin drops the biologically active coenzyme - for..
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Beauty Sweeties Sugar Free Bunnies Sugar free fruit jelly bunnies with coenzyme Q10, aloe vera and biotin.Gluten Free  Ingredients:Malt syrup, modified starch, acidifying agent: Apple acid, hydrolyzed pea protein, natural flavoring, black currant concentrate, black carrot concent..
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Brand: Bisson
Bisson Tartelettes Blueberry Blueberry pastries; delicious as a snack or with coffee / tea. OrganicPalm Oil FreeContains WheatIngredients:WHEAT flour *, blueberry filling * (WHEAT syrup *, light cane sugar *, blueberry puree * 7%, deodorized sunflower oil *, natural blueberry flavors with ..
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Brand: Bisson
Bisson Wafers a Chocolate FillingOrganic wafers with a chocolate filling. A perfect combination!OrganicPalm Oil FreeContains Gluten Ingredients:Chocolate* 35% (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, defatted cocoa powder*), white wheatfluor*, cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, corn strach*, emulsifier (rap..
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Brand: Bjökovit
Bjokovit - Vitamin B12 Chewable Tablets Dragon Fruit Vegan Vitamin B12 Chewable Tablets for Children with Dragon Fruit Flavor These unique vitamin B12 kids' chewing tablets with dragon fruit aroma from BjökoVit are the ideal companion to satisfy the increased need for vitami..
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Brand: Bjökovit
Bjokovit - Vitamin D3 + K2 Chewable Tablets Peach and Passion Fruit Vegan Vitamin D3+K2 Chewable Tablets for Children with Peach and Passion Fruit FlavorBjökoVit Vitamin D3 + K2 Children's Chewable Tablets are ideal for children and adolescents to meet the increased need for Vitamin D..
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Brand: Bountiful
Bountiful Nutritional Yeast Flakes Nutritional yeast flakes are rich in vitamins B and a deliciously healthy addition, for example to salads, pasta or stir-fried tofu. Nutritional yeast flakes fit into a varied die tand a healthy lifestyle.Gives a savory flavor to dishes. Sprinkle on Pasta, gri..
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Brand: Cereal Bio
CerealBio - Ravioli with Tofu Filling Cereal Bio ravioli filled with tofu in a delicious tomato basil sauce.Microwave oven: Place the bag with opened top for 2 minutes at maximum power in the microwave.Au bain marie: Place the closed bag in a pot with water for 10 minutes. OrganicPalm Oil ..
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Brand: Clarana
Clarana Colorful Chocolate Beans The Clarana chocolate - for snacking or decorating. A chocolaty core surrounded by a crisp, colorful shell. The vegan chocolate beans can be used to decorate cakes and pies or simply be eaten pure. For adults and children, a colorful, chocolaty fun. Gluten ..
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Brand: Crombach
Crombach Date-Pear-Apple SpreadMade exclusively from high-stem fruit. Concerns old fruit types that are especially suitable for the syrup treatment. These varieties give the syrup its own taste. Local product. Contributes to maintaining an ecologically and landscape valuable crop. Delicious on bread..
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Brand: Dalla Costa
Dalla Costa Travel Pasta Travel Pasta (of Durum Wheat Semolina) Flavored with Tomato and Spinach. Kids love it! InstructionsBring 1 litre of salted water per 100g of pasta to boil.Stir it and cook "al dente" according to the cooking time.Drain it and flavour with your favourite sauce.Cooki..
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