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Brand: Super Fudgio
Vegan Budget Snack Discount-Bundle Vegan on a budget. We all know the moment: you sit comfortably on the couch in the evening and suddenly you think of something delicious. These vegan snacks are handy to have in the cupboard at such moments. Money saving plant-based snacks in a discount-bundel. - Super Fudgio Chocolate Dragees- Bakkers Reform Wheat Syrup Waffles- Super Fu..
11.49€ 12.35€
Ex Tax:10.54€
Brand: Vego
Vego BoxOrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeFairtrade Check out our vegan Vego Box for the very best. In the box you'll find:- Vego - Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread- Vego - Nuts and Berries- Vego - White Chocolate Almond Bliss- Vego Chocolate Bar- Vegolino Nougat Pralines..
17.72€ 18.65€
Ex Tax:16.26€
#24 Nafsika's Garden All In Bundle
New -10 %
Nafsika's Garden All In Bundle BoxGluten FreeSoy FreeNut FreePalm Oil FreeCooled Meet the Nafsika's Garden Family with discount. These vegan cheeses are delicious. More than ever, people are saying bye-bye to dairy and looking for non-dairy alternatives to some of their favorite foods. Try now!- Nafsika's Garden - Swizz Slices (Swiss Style)- Nafsika's Garden - Provol Slices (Pr..
27.38€ 30.42€
Ex Tax:25.12€
Block - Parmes'n
New -50 %
Nafsika's Garden - Parmes'n Block Nafsika's parmesan block is salty, firm, and the stuff pasta dreams are made of! Perfect for grating fresh from the fridge onto your savoury dishes and popcorn! Gluten FreeNut FreePalm Oil FreeSoy FreeCooledIngredients: Modified potato starch, filtered water, refined coconut oil (24%), sea salt, vegan flavouring, olive extract, rice protein200g ..
2.25€ 4.49€
Ex Tax:2.06€
Carpaccio Slices - BBD.: 03.18.2021
-20 %
Vantastic Foods - Carpaccio Slices Vegan Carpaccio slices from organic seitanFor all fans of Italian cold cuisine, Vantastic foods now presents an incredibly authentic and purely vegan alternative to thinly sliced carpaccio beef! The delicious Vantastic foods classic Carpaccio cold cuts are based on vegan wheat gluten from controlled organic cultivation. Their unique flavour comes from a pinc..
2.55€ 3.19€
Ex Tax:2.34€
Brand: Booja Booja
Booja Booja – The Gourmet Selection A luxurious selection of 20 deliciously diverse chocolate truffles. Great for giving and sharing with friends and family. There is a flavour for everyone. Contains: Almond Salted Caramel, Fine the Champagne, Rum Sozzled Sultana, Hazelnut Crunch, Around Midnight Espresso & Stem Ginger Chocolate Truffles OrganicPalm Oil FreeIngredients:Stem Ging..
22.95€ 23.95€
Ex Tax:21.06€
Chocolate with Coconut Sugar and Coconut Milk - BBD.: 03.26.2021
-17 %
Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio - Chocolate with Coconut Sugar and Coconut Milk Super Fudgio have managed to create a sweet vegan chocolate, which is both outstandingly tasty and, at the same time, exceptionally healthy because it has been made using ecological coconut milk and coconut sugar. Gluten FreeOrganicPalm Oil Free Ingredients:Coconut sugar*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut milk powder*(1..
2.49€ 2.99€
Ex Tax:2.28€
Fudge with Toffee flavour
-12 %
Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio Fudge with Toffee flavourSuper Fudgio has managed to create a plant-based sweet and soft fudge, which is both outstandingly tasty and, at the same time, exceptionally healthy because it has been made using ecological coconut milk and coconut sugar. Super creamy, vegan and rich with a perfect chew. Yummy! Gluten FreeOrganicPalm Oil Free Ingredients:Coconut sugar*, coconut mil..
2.63€ 2.99€
Ex Tax:2.41€
Kala Namak - Black Salt
-10 %
Kala Namak – Indian Black Salt A South Asian salt speciality to refine your dishes with an egg-like flavour.The Indian Kala Namak salt (also known as "black salt") tastes particularly good in chutneys, fruit salads and southeastern dishes of all kinds. This seasoning salt is particularly recommended for dishes with mildly sweet flavours, such as fried vegetables with fruits or vegan fish..
2.24€ 2.49€
Ex Tax:2.06€
Mayonnaise Sugar-Free
-20 %
The Mayo Sisters Sugar-Free MayonnaiseThis mayo is a plant-based, sugar-free mayonnaise with a French authentic taste, creamy with a nice acidity. Delicious on fries or salads. No Added SugarContains MustardPalm Oil FreeGluten-Free Ingredients:Sunflower oil, Water, Mustard (water, mustard seed, natural vinegar, salt, food acid E330, antioxidant E224), modified corn starch, natural v..
3.99€ 4.99€
Ex Tax:3.66€
No-Muh Due - Vegan Fondue Cheese - BBD.: 03.15.2021
-20 %
Brand: Vegusto
Vegusto No-Muh Due - Vegan Fondue Cheese After intensive development Vegusto is very excited to introduce the second editionof the No-Moo, Due. It is the vegan alternative to the conventional Swiss cheese fondue. What better way to enjoy a cruelty-free celebration with friends.Few things bring people together like sharing a meal around a fondue pot. Vegusto makes it very easy for you by enjoy..
8.63€ 10.79€
Ex Tax:7.92€
Protein Chocolate Bar Strawberry Cake Style (BBD.03.17)
-25 %
Brand: Veganz
Veganz – Protein Chocolate Bar Strawberry Cake Style You don’t feel like baking, but still want a piece of strawberry cake? Just this once, your laziness will be rewarded – with the Veganz Strawberry Cake Style Protein Choc Bar. Okay, okay, admittedly it’s not much of a cake at all. It’s really just an incredibly tasty organic protein bar that tastes like fruity, creamy strawberry cake coated..
1.49€ 1.99€
Ex Tax:1.37€
Smoked Tempeh - BBD.: 03.17.2021
-19 %
Brand: de Hobbit
De Hobbit – Smoked Tempeh Tempeh, made from soy beans, naturally fermented and smoked. A meat replacer that contains all essential amino acids, minerals (Fe, Ca, P) and vitamins (vitamin B-group - except B12)  Palm Oil FreeOrganicContains Soya Ingredients: Soybeans*, water, apple vinegar*, rhizopus-culture, sea salt, wood chip smoke*= organic farming170g  Nutriti..
3.39€ 4.19€
Ex Tax:3.11€
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