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About Vegan Mission

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Sofi and Andras. We are from Hungary and have been living in Rotterdam with great pleasure since 2011. We went vegetarian in 2011 and after seeing horrible videos in which calves were taken away from their mothers and the poor conditions in which chickens, pigs and other animals are kept, we switched to 100% vegan within a year. We've been living a full vegan life since 2012 with our son Menno (born in 2015).


At that time we could hardly find meat and cheese substitutes in the normal supermarkets. There were also no active vegan web shops in the Netherlands that offered vegan food stuffs. So the idea came naturally: we had to open a vegan webshop! And that is what we did - from our home in Rotterdam. First with vegan chocolates, candies and other plant-based sweets, the vegan chocolate store was a huge success! Half a year later, we'd decided to expand the range completely and we continued under the name ''. All sorts of substitutes (egg/ cheese / meat / dairy) have been added, sauces and mayonnaise, supplements and pet food. In the meantime you can also find various drugstore products and household articles in our selection.

We are constantly looking for new, cool, plant-based products. We try to include more and more sustainable items in our assortment and of course we pay attention to what kind of packaging we (re)use (usually recycled) and often almost all packaging materials are given a second life (such as boxes, cooling bags, cooling elements, etc. ).

Good service is important to us. So we deliver (or get deliver) your order to your home as quickly as possible. This way you can be sure that the quality is optimal. You can also pick up your order in Rotterdam (Noord-West). Everyone can contact us with questions about a vegan lifestyle. We are happy to inform and inspire you. Just like our customers, we stand for animals, for the environment and for our health. We are against all kinds of oppression, exploitation and waste.


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See you soon!


Sofi, Andras and Menno