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We use two types of FREE cooling elements for shipments that require refrigeration: recyclableand returnablecooling elements.


For the recyclable version, we use frozen water bottles for keeping your order cool. The bottles contain spring water which is associated with a clean drinking water project (well water). Once frozen bottles melt down, the water can be consumed by humans, pets, and plants. The bottles can be collected together with the plastic waste or can be reused. 


The returnable cooling elements come in different shapes and forms and usually contain food-safe jelly to keep products cool for a longer period of time. Since we cannot give them a purpose like the drinking water has, these can be returned.

You can either do that by coming by (Stuttgartstraat 34-36, 3047 AS Rotterdam), or at festivals and events where VeganMissin is present. We will make sure to compensate your efforts with tasty vegan bites or treats!