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Our Mission

Every being has the right to enjoy life and live his/her life undisturbed. With Vegan Mission we want to show that there are many vegan products on the market and you don't have to consume anything what contains animal ingredients. In addition to a complete and extensive range of vegan assortment, we offer 100% plant-based delicacies, food products, personal care products, animal feed and other vegan items. We strive to provide honest and clear information about ethical veganism. Of course, our delicacies are not only for vegans, but also for vegetarians, flexitarians or anyone who just wants to consume less animal products (a good start !;)). Our range is selected and composed with the greatest care. However, we recommend that everyone checks the labels regularly to see if the ingredients had not been changed in the meantime. In some cases it is easier to contact the manufacturer about that. We are constantly searching for new vegan products, and expanding our selection.

Do you have a suggestion, comment or tips? Do not hesitate to contact us!