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Packaging & Cooling Elements

For refrigerated shipments, we use recyclable cooling elements and recycled traditional cool packs, in most cases those that are less harmful to the environment.

We always put a free cooling element with cooled products (orders above €25). But if you want to be sure that the products arrive in good condition, we recommend ordering extra cooling elements. With additional, paid cooling elements we are able to find better environmentally friendly packagings and cooling elements.

Our recyclable cool packs are suitable for use with foodstuffs and help to deliver the products impeccably chilled. The cooling element consists of paper-plastic bag and gel. The gel is vegetable, 100% biodegradable, food auction, harmless when consumed and not harmful to the environment. This gel can be placed in the GFT or through the sink. This cooling element has been used once by us (the consumer can reuse these sustainable cooling elements), which is economical, hygienic, environmentally friendly and cheaper than return flows from ordinary cool packs.

We also reuse traditional cooling elements with food-safe jelly, various cooling bags and cool bags or cool boxes.

You can return all reused cooling elements to us in Rotterdam (Stuttgartstraat 34-36, 3047 AS Rotterdam), or at festivals and events where VeganMission is present. We'll offset your efforts with tasty vegan snacks or treats.