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Brand: Lima
Lima Protein Lentil Cakes The lentil-based protein wafer is a variant of the well-known cereal wafer. This crunchy variant has the typical taste of lentils and is packed with proteins (22%) that give you energy for a whole day. The wafer is enriched with buckwheat and quinoa and is the perfect snack. In addition, the lentil wafer is gluten-free and rich in fiber. A healthy, nutritious snack, ..
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Brand: Lima
Lima – Tamari Soya Sauce 50% less Salt Tamari is a precious seasoning that is avidly used in natural cooking because it imparts a rich, complex flavor. The Tamari 50% Less Salt contains the 50% less salt compared to other soy sauces on the market and responds to the wishes of consumers who want to eat less salt and still enjoy the taste of Tamari. It is best to eat salt in moderation to use a..
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Brand: Lima
Lima – Tamari Soya Sauce 500ml In Japan, two fermented soya sauces, Shoyu and Tamari, have been favourite seasonings for several centuries. Today, these delicious, ebony-coloured sauces are appreciated all over the world.The difference between Shoyu and Tamari lies in their composition. Shoyu is made of soya and wheat whereas Tamari is a pure soya sauce. Tamari stimulates the appetite and con..
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