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Bamboo Kids Toothbrush Soft - Blue

Bamboo Kids Toothbrush Soft - Blue
Bamboo Kids Toothbrush Soft - Blue
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Hydrophil Kids Toothbrush – Soft, Blue

Eco toothbrush for children, made of bamboo, printed exclusively with Eco printing inks and BPA free! The high-quality packaging is made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. 

If you consider that it is recommended every three months to change the toothbrush, one can easily calculate how many brush ends up each year in the garbage. In order to create an alternative to the plastic brush and reduce the waste problem, the hydrophilic toothbrush made of bamboo was developed. The bristles are made of Nylon. At the end of a useful life of a toothbrush can simply buried in the garden or thrown on the compost heap! You only have to cut off the bristles or break it off before you throw it away.

- Plastic takes about 500 years to rot
- The hydrophilic bamboo toothbrush biodegrades in 1.5 years!
- In the North Sea, for example, a proportion of plastic of the marine debris is estimated at about 75%

BPA Free

Printed with Eco-Ink (Plant-Based)

Recycled Packaging

Biodegrades in 1,5 Years



Why bamboo?

Bamboo grows faster than any other plant in the world. It produces considerably more oxygen and binds significantly more CO2 during the fast-paced growth (max. 1 m / day) than trees. This has a regulating effect on the natural ecosystem and positive impact on the ecological balance of the manufacturing process. Worldwide bamboo covered an area of about 37 million hectares, of which about six million in China and nine million in India. The toothbrush is made by Hydrophil in cooperation with local companies in China, so directly where bamboo grows.

Ingredients: Bamboo, nylon

Weight: 15 g

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