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Cat Food Sample 80g - Amí Ideal Maintenance

Cat Food Sample 80g - Amí Ideal Maintenance
Cat Food Sample 80g - Amí Ideal Maintenance
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Cat Food Sample 80g – Ami Ideal Maintenance

The 80g bag contains exactly the same familiar superb Amí quality.


This vegan dry cat food is the result of years of development.
Good digestibility and acceptance by cats.


This vegan cat food has excellent digestive qualities. We haven't yet found a cat that rejected it. Keep the bag closed after first opening! 



Corn gluten, corn, corn oil, rice protein, whole peas fibre, brewer’s yeast, dicalcium phosphate, flaxseed, hydrolysed vegetable protein, potato protein, sodium chloride calcium carbonate, rapeseed oil





Moisture content 8.00%

crude protein 33.00%

crude fat 14.00%

crude fibres 3.50%

crude ash 5.90%

magnesium 0.09%

omega-3 fatty acids 0.8%

omega-6 fatty acids 6.5%


Nutritive additives per kg

vitamin A: 27,500 I.U. 

vitamin D3: 1,600 I.U. 

vitamin E: 270 mg 

copper (copper sulphate): 10 mg 

iron (iron carbonate): 186 mg 

iodine (calcium iodate): 4 mg

selenium (sodium selenite): 10 mg 

zinc (zinc oxide): 100 mg

manganese (manganese oxide): 12 mg

taurine:1,500 mg

L-carnitine: 300 mg


About Taurine

Amí Cat is a balanced, complete cat food. It is enriched with synthetic taurine, so that there is no need to fear any deficiency.



“Meat consumption is absolutely harmful - not only for the animals, but also for the environment (wasted energy, emissions), society (waste of resources, famine) and for the nutritional status (detrimental health effects). We humans can make decisions which positively influence both our own quality of life and the condition of the environment. As far as pet foods are concerned, there was until now no choice. That has changed with the availability of purely vegetarian pet food (Amí dog and cat food), which is balanced and suited to the animals' dietary needs. This not only solves an ethical problem, but also improves the pets' situation, that used to be fed with conventional pet food, with its animal waste, antibiotics and pesticides.”

Dr. Massimo Tettamanti, environmental chemist, previously researcher at the University of Milan.

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