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Brand: Nordics
Nordics – Travel CaseWhen traveling, have you ever wrapped your toothbrush with plastic bags, toilet paper or even directly between your clothes? No more!Our case are made from real bamboo stems and you can see and feel how durable they are. Just grab one, put a brush inside and rock on!Plastic Free..
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Brand: Nordics
Nordics Dental Floss - Fresh Mint This awesome dental floss from Nordics oral care will help you prevent gingivitis, gum disease and bad breath. The floss itself is made from corn and has a thin layer of natural wax in order to easily get between these tight interdental spaces. The packaging is..
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Brand: Nordics
Nordics Toothpaste Charcoal and Macha - Fluoride Free Natural whitening toothpaste for adults with activated charcoal and matcha green tea extract. This is the first toothpaste in the world combining these two powerful detoxifying ingredients. Using Nordics activated charcoal toothpaste is..
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