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#0 Cooling Aid

#0 Cooling Aid
#0 Cooling Aid
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Cooling Aid

If you want to be sure that the products arrive in good condition, we recommend ordering extra cooling elements. With additional, paid cooling elements we are able to find better environmentally friendly packagings and cooling elements.

These Coolpacks are filled with a natural gel that can maintain a low temperature for a long time. Sometimes up to 80% longer than traditional ice or gel packs. The gel is food safe, harmless for consumption and not harmful to the environment (de gel can be put in the GFT, sink, it's 100% biodegradable).

Not for single sale! (i.e. we are not a cooling element supplier) If you only want to purchase the cooling aid (or several cooling aids), go to the manufacturer's website (see product photo). Thank you for your understanding!

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