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Palm Oil Free

Brand: Happy Soaps
Happy Soaps - Coconut and Lime Body Bar We just wanna have sun! Unfortunately, it is not always summer and good weather in our small country. Still that sunny feeling at home? This soap gives you an instant summer feeling! The mix of fresh coconut and sweet lime brings sun and a bit of summer to your morning ritual. The day just couldn't start happier!Beauty is being comfortable in your own s..
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Brand: Happy Soaps
Happy Soaps - Lavender Body Bar Lavender is a symbol of love, devotion, passion and purity. The promise of a new adventure. This ties in nicely with what you experience when you smell the delicious Lavendel Body Bar. Purity and the promise of a new day. How beautiful can it be? The Body Bar also contains hints of geranium to finish it off. Start the day right! The Lavendel Body Bar provides a..
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Brand: Bisson
Bisson Breakfast Biscuits with ChocolateA tasty breakfast alternative from Bisson with carefully selected natural and plant-based ingredients. The vegan cereal biscuits with chocolate are packed per 4 pieces, making them easy to take and go. Handy for a quick and easy vegan breakfast en nica as a healthy snack.OrganicContains Sustainable Palm OilContains Gluten, Wheat Ingredients: 4 cere..
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Brand: Love Raw
LoveRaw Salted Caramel Butter Cups THIS IS OUR TAKE ON A CLASSIC VEGAN SALTED CARAMEL FLAVOUR. USING CREAMY ALMONDS AND COCONUTS WITH A PINCH OF SEA SALT…MM MM MMMM.Our vegan chocolate butter cups are 10/10 but this filling easily makes it a solid 12/10 (not to brag or anything). Eat these on the go, all at once or get a little creative in the kitchen and add them to your latest attempt to ma..
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Brand: 2Bslim
Caesar Dressing 0% - 2BSlimA surprising, tasty dressing from 2BSlim. This Caesar Dressing is a delicious dressing that is completely fat free and sugar free and contains only 1 kcal per packaging. It is ideal to use during a low-carbohydrate or low-calorie diet. Gluten FreeNo Added SugarSoy FreePalm Oil Free Ingredients:Water, vinegar, salt, citrus fibres, thickener (guar gum, xanthan gu..
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Nature’s Charm – Vegan Calamari Nature's Charm Vegan Calamari, squid rings made of mushrooms. Bake, grill, enjoy. Palm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:mushroom (30.58%), water, capers, seaweed and citric acid (antioxidant).425g Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 37 kJ/ 9 kcalFat0,1gOf which Saturated0 gCarbohydrates1,4 gOf which Sugar0,8 gProtein1 gSalt1,4 g..
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Brand: Primeal
Primeal Cappelletti with Smoked Tofu With its plant-based semi-fresh pasta, Priméal offers you the quality of a fresh pasta and the convenience of dry pasta! At any time and in a few minutes you can prepare a delicious dish with boiled pasta. This range of filled pasta is prepared without eggs and palm oil with a generous filling. The delicately smoked tofu enhances the flavor of these vegan ..
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Brand: Kuhbonbon
Kuhbonbon - Vegan Caramel Fudge Is there dairy-free caramel? Yes, there is indeed!The delicious soft vegan caramel bonbons with organic coconut milk, real cocoa butter, and good brown cane sugar. But without any palm fat, soy or allergens. Now, therefore, anyone can enjoy the benefits of veganism while snacking best gluten-free classic plant-based caramel sweets.For all of you, who care ..
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Vantastic Foods - Carpaccio Slices Vegan Carpaccio slices from organic seitanFor all fans of Italian cold cuisine, Vantastic foods now presents an incredibly authentic and purely vegan alternative to thinly sliced carpaccio beef! The delicious Vantastic foods classic Carpaccio cold cuts are based on vegan wheat gluten from controlled organic cultivation. Their unique flavour comes from a pinc..
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Brand: Rosie & Riffy
Rosie and Riffy - Cashew CamembertiPlant-based, 100% dairy-free camemberti, full of flavor and using traditional cheese-making techniques.Rosie & Riffy produce silky smooth, plant-based products. The main ingredient? Nuts. No dairy? Exactly right.. Why? Nuts and plants nourish your body and are beneficial for our planet as an added bonus.Whether it is topped with colourful herbs, a snowy white..
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Brand: Rosie & Riffy
Rosie & Riffy - Cashew Camemberti Ash and Pepper The Vegan Ash & Pepper Camemberti is a new edition to the Camemberti range. Like the classic Cashew Camemberti it has a white bloomy rind and is silky smooth and soft on the inside. Its powerfully rich black pepper center is dressed in a delicate layer of ash for a stunning display on your cheeseboard.Presented on its own, in a salad or..
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Cereal Chocopop - Monkey
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Chocopop MonkeyThe Little Rosies gluten-free breakfast cereal retain their crunch just long enough and the left over plant-based milk is deliciously chocolatey. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Choco Pops with a cute monkey suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot more fun and enjoyable. Breakfast is the m..
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Cinnamon Hoops - FoxGluten free Little Rosies Cinnamon Hoops, puffed rice and corn with cinnamon and vanilla. Nice as breakfast with plant-based milk or as a decoration on cakes and desserts. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Cinnamon Hoops with a cute fox suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot ..
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Frosted Cornflakes - Owl The owl is the symbol of wisdom. So we assume that it is very wise to start the day with this plant-based frosted cornflakes. There is a sweetened layer on it. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Frosted Cornflakes with a cute owl suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot mor..
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Cereal Pillows with ChocoNut
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio – Cereal Pillows with ChocoNut Gluten-free and plant-based cereal pillows with chocolate and hazelnut filling. A delicious product to use as a vegan breakfast or as a plant-based snack. The perfect combination of a crispy pillow and a creamy filling. A breakfast that young and old will enjoy. Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeOrganicContains Hazelnut Ingredients: Cereal part..
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Brand: Pür
Pür Chewing Gum - Bubble Gum Flavor Vegan chewing gum discount package, in a practical bag. A naturally sweet twist on the classic taste, with which we all grew up! Pur plant-based chewing gum is only sweetened with xylitol and therefore completely apart from aspartame!   Gluten FreeSoy FreeNut FreePalm Oil FreeNo Added SugarIngredients:Xylitol, gum base, gum arabic, natural fl..
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