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The payments are made via our Payment Service Provider Sisow.Vegan Mission co-operates with Sisow to ensure that your payment takes place in a secure and trusted environment.

iDEAL (the Netherlands): You pay in the secure and trusted environment of your own bank using internet banking. 

Mister Cash (Belgium): You pay in the secure and trusted environment of your own bank using internet banking. 

SOFORT Banking (Germany): SOFORT Banking is originally a German payment method. The payment takes place at Sofort's universal payment page which can be connected to different European banks (It operates in 7 countries). 

Bunq (the Netherlands): Bunq is the first mobile only bank in the Netherlands. With the bunq-app you can pay and check out easily via your smartphone or tablet.

Pay Pal : You can pay with PayPal too, even if you don't have a PayPal account. But with an account you are able to pay directly. Using PayPal either you pay through your bank, or using your credit card or the credit on your PayPal account. Because PayPal uses the latest secure technology, is a highly reliable and safety payment environment guaranteed. By paying with PayPal, we charge 3% of the net amount due to the additional PayPal costs.

Billink Afterwards Payments : It is possible to use the services of Billink Afterwards Payments in our web shop. With this payment method you are allowed to pay for the ordered products 2 weeks after receiving them. So if you prefer to touch, see, feel, taste or try the products first, then this form of paying is for you. If the amount after two weeks is still not payed, then you get a payment reminder from Billink. It's been recommended to pay the bill before the 2-week deadline. This payment will be arranged by our payment provider Sisow and Billink. This payment method is free of charge. VERY IMPORTANT TO MENTION THAT THE SHIPPING ADDRESS AND INVOICE ADDRESS MUST ALWAYS BE THE SAME WITH THIS PAYMENT METHOD! It's not possible to cancel this payment method, or the cancellation has to be arranged by you. The cancellation is only possible when the goods haven't shipped yet. If there are any questions regarding the invoices of Billink achteraf Betalen, you can always contact them: Tel .: 0900-04-00-031, e-mail: