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Hot Chocolate

Brand: Biovegan
Biovegan - Carob Powder A good alternative is this aromatic, naturally sweet cocoa substitute. Particularly suitable for allergists. It is distinguished by its sweet, caramelly malt flavor and purity. Free from caffeine and theobromine as well as gluten and lactose free.Carob is extracted from the roasted and ground shoots of the carob tree, which grows around the Mediterranean..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Hot Chocolate Drops Hot chocolate with plant-based milk for breakfast, break during the day or in the evening - Also as a snack (the pure chocolate without vegan milk) Hot Chocolate Drops 72% cocoa with ganache - Chocolate drops filled with a ganache that melts smoother in a hot vegan milk substitute - 72 % Pure Chocolate filled with a creamy ganache. - Intense cocoa flavor for a high-..
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