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Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh

Cooling AidIf you want to be sure that the products arrive in good condition, we recommend ordering extra cooling elements. With additional, paid cooling elements we are able to find better environmentally friendly packagings and cooling elements.These Coolpacks are filled with a natural gel that can maintain a low temperature for a long time. Sometimes up to 80% longer than traditional ice or gel..
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Cooling BagIf you want to be sure that the products arrive in good condition, we also recommend placing a cooler bag in your shopping cart.These handy bags can easily be reused or given away to people who do not have one yet. (Useful for frozen foods from a supermarket or when you go to the beach)!..
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BBQ Sausage - Red Herbs
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Brand: Upside
Upside Sausages  Red Herbs Upside's 100% vegetable Red Herbs sausage is a delicious combination of red herbs, tomato and wheat. Tasteful and with a bite. Very tasty on kaiser bread with vegan cheese, onion, mushrooms with a nice dot of coarse mustard. Ready in 2 Minutes. OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Soya and Wheat Ingredients:Seitan * (77%) (wheat protein *, wat..
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BBQ Sausage - Roasted Veggies
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Brand: Upside
Upside Sausages  Roasted Veggies Upside's 100% plant-based Roasted Veggies sausages have a tasty savory bite with a touch of roasted vegetables. These sausages are delicious on the tip with fried onions, sharp mustard, and some ketchup. Ready in 2 Minutes. OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Soya and Wheat Ingredients:Seitan * (85%) (wheat protein *, water), sunflower ..
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BBQ Sausage - Salty Spices
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Brand: Upside
Upside Sausages  Salty Spices Upside's 100% vegetable Salty Spices sausage is a delicious combination of lupine, wheat, vegetables and herbs. A little salty and a little sweet because of the lupine. Delicious with a baked potato with spiced (soy) yogurt and a sweet and sour coleslaw. Ready in 2 Minutes. OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Wheat and Lupin Ingredients:Seitan ..
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Brand: Cereal Bio
CerealBio - Ravioli with Tofu Filling Cereal Bio ravioli filled with tofu in a delicious tomato basil sauce.Microwave oven: Place the bag with opened top for 2 minutes at maximum power in the microwave.Au bain marie: Place the closed bag in a pot with water for 10 minutes. OrganicPalm Oil FreeContains Wheat, Gluten, Soya, Yeast, Celery and GarlicIngredients:Water, ravioli * 24% (wheat gr..
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Brand: Wheaty
Wheaty Seitan Bacon  This plant-based seitan bacon is delicious as a sandwich filler, in salads, with rice or noodles. This vegan bacon can be frozen (-18 ° C) on the day of purchase and stored for a maximum of 6 months. Do not re-freeze when it is thawed. OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Wheat and Gist Ingredients:Seitan, (water, WHEATprotein) (88%), GISTextract, o..
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Vantastic Foods – Seitan Fix Wheat gluten powder for the preparation of seitan.When it comes back to "I make the world the way I like it", it also applies to the vegan, meat-free kitchen with Vantastic foods. With the Vantastic foods Seitan Fix you can achieve a wide range of vegan meat alternatives in many different ways.The vegan powder consists of wheat gluten and is ideal for self-product..
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Brand: Clearspring
Clearspring Silken TofuClearspring Organic long-life Tofu is made with just three ingredients: organic whole soya beans, spring water from Mount Fuji and Nigari- a naturally occurring mineral rich coagulant derived from sea water. Denser and richer than other soft tofu it has a silky soft, smooth texture whilst maintaining firmness. It is very easy to use and tastes as good as fresh tofu.OrganicGl..
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Brand: de Hobbit
De Hobbit – Smoked Tempeh Tempeh, made from soy beans, naturally fermented and smoked. A meat replacer that contains all essential amino acids, minerals (Fe, Ca, P) and vitamins (vitamin B-group - except B12)  Palm Oil FreeOrganicContains Soya Ingredients: Soybeans*, water, apple vinegar*, rhizopus-culture, sea salt, wood chip smoke*= organic farming170g  Nutriti..
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Brand: Tofuture
Tofuture Tofu Press - BPA Free At Tofuture, we have created a unique and stylish Tofu Press that removes the water from unpressed tofu simply and effectively. Tofu is one of the most versatile, healthy and delicious foods around, but to get the most out of tofu you need to press it.The press is compact and easy to store (W14cm x D12cm x H7cm) and the outer tub can also be used as a ..
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Brand: Taifun
Taifun - Tofu Wiener Simply heat in a hot water bath for three to four minutes. Excellent also in vegan soups and stews. Enjoy them hot or cold! Try Tofu Wiener as a plant-based snack - heat them up and serve them with mustard and fresh bread and fresh vegetables.  OrganicCooledPalm Oil FreeContains Soya, Gluten, Wheat, Oats and GarlicIngredients: Tofu * 75% (soybeans * 55%, wa..
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Brand: Lord of Tofu
Lord of Tofu – Vegan Eggs for Scramble  Simmer some oil, add some fresh vegetables, open the packaging and then add the content to the pan. Stir them gently and after a few minutes enjoy your vegan scramble. OrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeCooledContains Soya Ingredients:tofu* 98% (water, soybeans*, coagulant calcium sulphate), rock salt, spices * , raw cane sugar *, thicke..
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Brand: Primeal
Primeal - Wheat Gluten - Seitan FixAnyone who has ever prepared seitan knows about the many tasty options that wheat protein offers. With the organic certified Wheat Gluten Seitan Fix from Primeal you can put all your creative ideas around vegan meat substitutes into practice.OrganicPalm Oil FreeContains Gluten, WheatIngredients:Wheat gluten** certified organic500g  Nutritional Informati..
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