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Strips & Minced

Brand: Primeal
Primeal - Bolognese with Soya Mince Primeal, the vegetarian kitchen, quick and easy! With this vegetable version of minced meat, Primeal gives you a fully-fledged alternative to meat. This recipe based on soy and vegetables is ideal as a vegetable and onion filling, for your sauces, your lasagna or as a side dish.Pan: Let the contents of the package simmer with 2 tablespoons of water for 2-3 ..
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Brand: Wheaty
Wheaty - Vegan Kebab Gyros A ready-to-eat meal according to its Greek (or Turkish example. Prepared by frying, this delicious crispy pleasure fulfills all wishes. Served with garlic sauce it's a Mediterranean dream. Wheaty products are generally suitable for freezing and defrosting.   OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Gluten, Mustard, Celery and YeastIngredients:water, wheat p..
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Veggie Cevapcici
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Brand: Viana
Viana - Veggie Cevapcici These spicy Balkan mince morsels are reminiscent of holidays on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Eight vivacious cevapcici are just waiting tob e fried until crispy brown.  OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContain Celery, Soya and GlutenIngredients:Water, wheat protein* (22%), capsicum*, minced soy protein* (8%), sunflower oil*, soy sauce (water, soy beans*, wheat*)..
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