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Brand: Go Vegan
Go Vegan Wheat Croissant with Chocolate CreamWhat is natural leavening?Natural yeast or sourdough starter is made of a water and flour pasta, left in contact with the air so as to became enriched with the microorganisms present in the environment. This method was normally used before the use of brewer's yeast. Tradition has it that the sourdough starter was closely guarded by families then given a..
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Brand: Schär
Gluten Free Bread - Pain Campagnard  Bread from the countrysideThis lad represents the essence of the countryside: he is rustic and hearty. The perfect companion for an abundant snack! Pure nature flows in his veins: sourdough, sunflower seeds and buckwheat add just the right verve to the snack table! He gets along wonderfully with cheese and ham and despite his rustic outside, he has a soft ..
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Brand: Schär
Dr Schar – Hamburger Buns Gluten-free hamburger buns. Specially prepared for people with a gluten intolerance. Contains LupinePalm Oil FreeGluten FreeIngredients:Water, rice starch, rice flour, corn starch, millet flour, sugar, apple fibers, thickener: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, LUPINE-PROTEIN, yeast, sunflower oil, saltMay contain in traces of Soya and Sesame300g (4 hamburger buns)&..
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Gluten Free Pita Breads
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Brand: BFree
BFree Gluten Free Stone Baked Pita Breads  Our Vegan and Gluten-Free Stone Baked Pita Bread is made in a stone-fired oven which makes them taste so good and authentically delicious. They’re high in fiber, low in fat and contain no added sugars. Fill yours with your favourite topping, ours is with roast peppers, pesto and couscous! Gluten FreePalm Oil FreeNo Added SugarSoy FreeN..
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Protein Lentil Cakes
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Brand: Lima
Lima Protein Lentil Cakes The protein cake based on lentils is a variant of the well known cereal cake. This crispy variant has the typical taste of lentils and is full of proteins (22%) that give you energy all day long. The protein cake is enriched with buckwheat and quinoa and is the perfect snack. Moreover, the lentil cake is gluten-free and rich in fibres. A healthy, nutritious snack, pe..
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