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#1 Super Fudgio Introduction Bundle BIO
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio Introduction Bundle  Surprise yourself or your friends with the Super Fudgio Introduction Snack Box. In every plant-based bundle Snack Box you will find the coolest and the most popular Super Fudgio Vegan Snacks. -Super Fudgio - Cereal Pillows with ChocoNut-Super Fudgio - Corn Crisp-Super Fudgio - Fudge Banana-Super Fudgio - Chocolate 70% No added Su..
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#14 Super Fudgio Discount Bundle BIO
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio Discount Bundle  We all know the moment: you sit comfortably on the couch in the evening and suddenly you think of something delicious. Can be sweet or even sweeter, but certainly plant-based. These vegan Super Fudgio products are handy to have in the cupboard at such moments. In the box you'll find all kind of vegan Super Fudgio products:  -Super Fudgio - Cer..
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Chocopop MonkeyThe Little Rosies gluten-free breakfast cereal retain their crunch just long enough and the left over plant-based milk is deliciously chocolatey. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Choco Pops with a cute monkey suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot more fun and enjoyable. Breakfast is the m..
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Cinnamon Hoops - FoxGluten free Little Rosies Cinnamon Hoops, puffed rice and corn with cinnamon and vanilla. Nice as breakfast with plant-based milk or as a decoration on cakes and desserts. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Cinnamon Hoops with a cute fox suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot ..
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Cereal Pillows with ChocoNut BIO
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Super Fudgio – Cereal Pillows with ChocoNut Gluten-free and plant-based cereal pillows with chocolate and hazelnut filling. A delicious product to use as a vegan breakfast or as a plant-based snack. The perfect combination of a crispy pillow and a creamy filling. A breakfast that young and old will enjoy. Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeOrganicContains Hazelnut Ingredients: Cereal part..
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Super Fudgio with Chocolate coated Corn Flakes  Crunchy and very tasty. Perfect for your favourite plant-based milk and vegan yogurt. Excellent for gluten-free breakfast. A nutritious snack for adventurers at any age! OrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeIngredients: Corn flakes* 72% (corn* 95%, sugar*, salt), chocolate coated corn flakes* 28% [chocolate couverture 50% (cane sugar*, ..
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Brand: Eden
Eden – Crispy Cornflakes Delicious as part of a healthy vegetable breakfast. Also delicious as a vegan snack. OrganicPalm Oil FreeNo Added Sugar Ingredients:MAIZE * 94%, BARLEY malt extract *, sea salt, emulsifier: lecithins.* = OrganicMay contain traces of Soya and Milk375g Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 1588 kJ/ 374 kcalFat1 gOf which Saturated0,2 gCarbohyd..
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Mornings can be stressful when you are getting the kids (or yourself) ready for school. Plant-based cereal is a quick and easy vegan breakfast that can also be healthy. They are high in fiber and are sure to boost your childrens energy levels to get their day started. You can add your kids favorite fruits for added some extra taste and more nutritional value.