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Beauty Sweeties Butterflies Beauty Sweeties Butterflies
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Beauty Sweeties - Butterfly  Vegan fruit jelly butterflies with 17% fruit juice, 4% fruit pieces, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera, biotin.*from fruit preparation.  Gluten Free Ingredients: Glucose syrup; sugar; 17% fruit juice from fruit juice concentrates (orange, pear, apple,..
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 Beauty Sweeties Gum Crowns Foam sugar - fruit jelly crowns with 15% mashed fruits and fruit juice, coenzym Q10, aloe vera, biotin. Gluten Free  Ingredients:Glucose syrup, sugar, invert sugar syrup, 4% Pear Puree, 4% apple puree, 4%, raspberry juice concentrate, gelling..
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Beauty Sweeties Sour Cats  Sour fruit jelly cats with 25% fruit juice, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera and biotin. Gluten Free  Ingredients:sugar, invert sugar syrup, 12% apple juice from apple juice concentrate, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, 7% lemon juice from lemon ju..
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Beauty Sweeties Sugar Free Bunnies Sugar free fruit jelly bunnies with coenzyme Q10, aloe vera and biotin.Gluten Free  Ingredients:Malt syrup, modified starch, acidifying agent: Apple acid, hydrolyzed pea protein, natural flavoring, black currant concentrate, black carrot concent..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Belgian Thins Quinoa – Goji Organic dark chocolate with puffed quinoa, goji berries, almonds and cocoa nibs. OrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeContains AlmondFairtrade Ingredients:cocoa mass **, cane-sugar **, cocoa butter **, sliced almonds *, sunflower seeds *, quinoa ..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Dark Flaked Truffel 72%Indulge in the intense 72% cocoa of our Peruvian chocolate guaranteed to heighten your taste buds. These dark chocolate truffles lavishly flaked with intense dark chocolate are an absolute delight.  OrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeContains Hazelnuts and So..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Hazelnut Praline with No added SugarDiscover the taste of this 100% organic certified no sugar added chocolate! A world premiere! We use organic inulin, natura land high in fibres! 100% treat, 100% healthy. Pure cocoa with hazelnuts from Italian Piedmont area. To be enjoyed without moderation..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Hot Chocolate Drops Hot chocolate with plant-based milk for breakfast, break during the day or in the evening - Also as a snack (the pure chocolate without vegan milk) Hot Chocolate Drops 72% cocoa with ganache - Chocolate drops filled with a ganache that melts smoother in a hot vegan mi..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Twist Balls PURE CHOCOLATE SWEETS WITH HAZELNUT PRALINE Cocoa 72% of peru Discover this praline made with Peruvian original cocoa and roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont. Nicely packaged per individual portion. 100% organic ingredients, carefully selected in the best plantations. Organi..
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Brand: Billy's Farm
Billy’s Farm Wheat Syrup WafflesA very tasteful vegan treacle waffle baked with wheat and filled with grain syrup.  OrganicContains Wheat, Gluten, Soya, Cinnamon Ingredients: wheat syrup * (38%), (wholemeal) wheat flour *, palm oil * (unhydrogenated),&nbs..
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Bio Up - Chocolate with Coconut  Organic Bio Up coconut chocolate is an appetizing vegan tablet. It is made on the basis of ingredients of plant origin. High quality vegan Bio Up couverture with a clear note of coconut has an interesting composition, and the raw materials used for its prod..
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Bio Up - Cocoa Hazelnut Spread Have you been looking for a hazelnut spread without palm oil? Try the Bio Up Hazelnut-Cocoa Spread!Let yourself be seduced and enjoy the spread on bread or straight from the glass. Palm Oil FreeOrganicGluten FreeContains HazelnutsIngredients:Cane sugar *, sun..
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