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Rosie & Riffy

Cashew Camemberti BIO - BBD.: 08.06.2021
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Brand: Rosie & Riffy
Rosie and Riffy - Cashew CamembertiPlant-based, 100% dairy-free camemberti, full of flavor and using traditional cheese-making techniques.Rosie & Riffy produce silky smooth, plant-based products. The main ingredient? Nuts. No dairy? Exactly right.. Why? Nuts and plants nourish your body and are beneficial for our planet as an added bonus.Whether it is topped with colourful herbs, a snowy white..
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TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE! - Cashew Camemberti Ash and Pepper BIO - BBD.: 07.16.2021
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Brand: Rosie & Riffy
Rosie & Riffy - Cashew Camemberti Ash and Pepper The Vegan Ash & Pepper Camemberti is a new edition to the Camemberti range. Like the classic Cashew Camemberti it has a white bloomy rind and is silky smooth and soft on the inside. Its powerfully rich black pepper center is dressed in a delicate layer of ash for a stunning display on your cheeseboard.Presented on its own, in a salad or..
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