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Brand: Schär
Gluten Free Bread - Pain Campagnard  Bread from the countrysideThis lad represents the essence of the countryside: he is rustic and hearty. The perfect companion for an abundant snack! Pure nature flows in his veins: sourdough, sunflower seeds and buckwheat add just the right verve to the snack table! He gets along wonderfully with cheese and ham and despite his rustic outside, he has a soft ..
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Brand: Schär
Schär - Gluten-Free Cocoa Wafers Imported from Italy, these thin, crip, light and crunchy vegan and gluten-free wafers are filled with a decadent cocoa filling perfect with your afternoon coffee.Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeContains Soya Ingredients:potato starch, sugar, coconut oil, low-fat cocoa powder (6%), rice flour, soy flour, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, thickener: guar gu..
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Brand: Schär
Schaer - Focaccia with Rosemary Focaccia con rosmarino, a Mediterranean fragrance is in the air! Briefly heated in the toaster, the new Focaccia with rosemary immediately spreads its delicious Mediterranean aroma: the classic Ligurian Turkish bread made from yeast dough, either traditionally only with olive oil or with a tasty topping, guarantees an Italian holiday feeling and recalls the las..
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Gluten Free Hamburger Buns
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Brand: Schär
Dr Schar – Hamburger Buns Gluten-free hamburger buns. Specially prepared for people with a gluten intolerance. Contains LupinePalm Oil FreeGluten FreeIngredients:Water, rice starch, rice flour, corn starch, millet flour, sugar, apple fibers, thickener: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, LUPINE-PROTEIN, yeast, sunflower oil, saltMay contain in traces of Soya and Sesame300g (4 hamburger buns)&..
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