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Brand: Bjökovit
Bjökovit B12 Drops Methylcobalamin 250 µg Vitamin B12 is essential for blood formation, cell division, and nerve function. Therefore, an adequate supply of this vitamin, especially on a vegan diet, essential. BjökoVit vitamin B12 methylcobalamin drops the biologically active coenzyme - form of Vitamin B12.  Ingredients: Water, acidifier: citric acid, methylcobalamin, prese..
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Brand: Bjökovit
Bjokovit - Vitamin B12 Chewable Tablets Dragon Fruit Vegan Vitamin B12 Chewable Tablets for Children with Dragon Fruit Flavor These unique vitamin B12 kids' chewing tablets with dragon fruit aroma from BjökoVit are the ideal companion to satisfy the increased need for vitamin B12 of children and teenagers during their growth phase. An outstanding nutritional supplement for..
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Brand: Bjökovit
Bjokovit - Vitamin D3 + K2 Chewable Tablets Peach and Passion Fruit Vegan Vitamin D3+K2 Chewable Tablets for Children with Peach and Passion Fruit FlavorBjökoVit Vitamin D3 + K2 Children's Chewable Tablets are ideal for children and adolescents to meet the increased need for Vitamin D and Vitamin K for building strong bones and healthy teeth during growth. The peach-passion fru..
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Chocopop MonkeyThe Little Rosies gluten-free breakfast cereal retain their crunch just long enough and the left over plant-based milk is deliciously chocolatey. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Choco Pops with a cute monkey suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot more fun and enjoyable. Breakfast is the m..
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Cinnamon Hoops - FoxGluten free Little Rosies Cinnamon Hoops, puffed rice and corn with cinnamon and vanilla. Nice as breakfast with plant-based milk or as a decoration on cakes and desserts. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Cinnamon Hoops with a cute fox suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot ..
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Brand: Little Rosies
Little Rosies – Frosted Cornflakes - Owl The owl is the symbol of wisdom. So we assume that it is very wise to start the day with this plant-based frosted cornflakes. There is a sweetened layer on it. The packaging is well aimed at children. Little Rosies’ boxes have unique pop-up ears, so it’s Frosted Cornflakes with a cute owl suit-box it’s sure to make gluten free breakfasts a lot mor..
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio – Cereal Pillows with ChocoNut Gluten-free and plant-based cereal pillows with chocolate and hazelnut filling. A delicious product to use as a vegan breakfast or as a plant-based snack. The perfect combination of a crispy pillow and a creamy filling. A breakfast that young and old will enjoy. Palm Oil FreeGluten FreeOrganicContains Hazelnut Ingredients: Cereal part..
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio - Chocolate Coated Raspberries Stock your pantry with plant-based chocolate covered raspberries and you'll always have a healthy, comfort food available. They're a great party snack or take-along snack. OrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeIngredients: chocolate 89,5% (cane sugar*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut powder*, rice drink powder*, emuls..
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Brand: De Rit
De Rit Chocolate Sprinkles, Extra Dark De Rit extra dark chocolate sprinkles make breakfast or lunch a treat. Delicious with butter on thick self-sliced bread or rusk. These sprinkles in the form of paillettes give your daily sandwich an extra special flavour and enhance the dark chocolate taste. But also surprisingly delicious on cakes and in desserts. Sprinkles made from organic cocoa ..
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YON Coconut Blossom Syrup This syrup is made from the sweet nectar of Indonesian coconut blossoms. Due to the caramel-like taste, it is a particularly tasty alternative to refined sugar. Suitable for sweetening hot and cold dishes. But also great for smoothies, desserts and breakfast cereals, for example, and on pancakes.  Palm Oil FreeOrganicIngredients:100% organic coconut blossom..
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Brand: Clarana
Clarana Colorful Chocolate Beans The Clarana chocolate - for snacking or decorating. A chocolaty core surrounded by a crisp, colorful shell. The vegan chocolate beans can be used to decorate cakes and pies or simply be eaten pure. For adults and children, a colorful, chocolaty fun. Gluten FreePalm Oil FreeIngredients:dark chocolate (52%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya..
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Brand: Go Vegan
Go Vegan Wheat Croissant with Chocolate CreamWhat is natural leavening?Natural yeast or sourdough starter is made of a water and flour pasta, left in contact with the air so as to became enriched with the microorganisms present in the environment. This method was normally used before the use of brewer's yeast. Tradition has it that the sourdough starter was closely guarded by families then given a..
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Follow Your Heart - Original Vegenaise Made with only the highest quality, non-GMO and expeller pressed oils (extracted without chemical solvents), Vegenaise is a heart-healthy, vegan spread. Palm Oil FreeCooledContains Soya and MustardIngredients: Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Filtered Water, Brown Rice Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar, SoyProtein, Sea Salt, MustardFlour, Lemon ..
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Super Fudgio Fudge with Banana flavourSuper Fudgio has managed to create a plant-based sweet and soft fudge, which is both outstandingly tasty and, at the same time, exceptionally healthy because it has been made using ecological coconut milk and coconut sugar with banana flavor. Super creamy, vegan and rich with a perfect chew. Yummy! Gluten FreeOrganicPalm Oil Free Ingredients:Coconut ..
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Beauty Sweeties - Gum Bunnies with No Added Sugar Vegan fruit jelly bunnies with no added sugar and with coenzym Q10, aloe vera, biotin. Does not contain gelatin! These soft, natural, plant-based delicious fruit sweets taste unnaturally good. Gluten Free  Ingredients:Malt syrup, modified starch, acidifying agent: Apple acid, hydrolyzed pea protein, natural flavoring, ..
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Brand: Hydrophil
Hydrophil Kids Toothbrush – Soft, BlueEco toothbrush for children, made of bamboo, printed exclusively with Eco printing inks and BPA free! The high-quality packaging is made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. If you consider that it is recommended every three months to change the toothbrush, one can easily calculate how many brush ends up each year in the garbage. In orde..
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