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Vantastic Foods

Carpaccio Slices
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Vantastic Foods - Carpaccio Slices Vegan Carpaccio slices from organic seitanFor all fans of Italian cold cuisine, Vantastic foods now presents an incredibly authentic and purely vegan alternative to thinly sliced carpaccio beef! The delicious Vantastic foods classic Carpaccio cold cuts are based on vegan wheat gluten from controlled organic cultivation. Their unique flavour comes from a pinc..
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Vantastic Foods – Seitan Fix Wheat gluten powder for the preparation of seitan.When it comes back to "I make the world the way I like it", it also applies to the vegan, meat-free kitchen with Vantastic foods. With the Vantastic foods Seitan Fix you can achieve a wide range of vegan meat alternatives in many different ways.The vegan powder consists of wheat gluten and is ideal for self-product..
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VF - Whity Coffee Whitener Whity is a vegan coffee creamer for delightful hot beverages. The Whity vegan coffee creamer is a completely plant-based alternative to coffee whitener.The package contains 150g of powder, which is an amount for about 30 cups of coffee or tea. (Or other hot beverages).How to use: Stir one teaspoon (5-7g) into a cup of your favorite hot drink..
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