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VF Kala Namak – Indian Black Salt A South Asian salt speciality to refine your dishes with an egg-like flavour.The Indian Kala Namak salt (also known as "black salt") by Vantastic foods tastes particularly good in chutneys, fruit salads and southeastern dishes of all kinds. This seasoning salt is particularly recommended for dishes with mildly sweet flavours, such as fried vegetables wit..
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Like Chicken Ham
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VF - Like Chicken Ham Vegan ham alternative based on soya protein. Like Chicken generally can be frozen and thawed without problems. This product can be deep-frozen for up to 6 months on the day of purchase. Do not refreeze after thawing!In addition, it is very versatile and simply tastes delicious in various meals. Whether you fry it in the pan, cut it in strips and add it to salads, or..
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VF - Like Cooked HamVegan bread topping ham-type based on soya.  Palm Oil FreeCooledContains SoyaIngredients:Soya protein (46%), water, corn starch, potato flour, rapeseed oil, sugar, salt500g  Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 657 kJ/ 157 kcal Fat7 gOf which Saturated1 gCarbohydrates8 gOf which Sugar2 gProtein16 gSalt2 g..
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VF - Smoked Salt The perfect aromatics alt for everything, your food tastes heartily smoked. Ideal for preparing marinades and sauces or for fried/ grilled meals. It gives the food a smooky taste. The salt is smoked for several days on real hickory, giving it its typical savory taste. For the vegan kitchen it is a real asset! Palm Oil FreeIngredients:Salt, sugar liqueur, hickor..
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VF - Veyona Veggie LyonerThis fine veggie meat sausage scores wit hits mild flavor especially among children. Perfect for cold and hot sandwiches, for salads or with pasta dishes. Palm Oil FreeContains Gluten and SoyaIngredients: water,wheat protein, corn and potato starch, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, spices, guar gum, thickener: carrageenan, soyprotein, salt, natural colors.&nb..
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VF - Whity Coffee Whitener Whity is a vegan coffee creamer for delightful hot beverages. The Whity vegan coffee creamer is a completely plant-based alternative to coffee whitener.The package contains 150g of powder, which is an amount for about 30 cups of coffee or tea. (Or other hot beverages).How to use: Stir one teaspoon (5-7g) into a cup of your favorite hot drink..
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VF - Yeast Flakes
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VF - Yeast Flakes Vantastic foods yeast flakes are made from dried and inactive yeast, without the use of any animal ingredients. They are gluten-free, soy-free and free from peanuts and other nuts. They are rich in protein and are produced without the use of genetic modified organisms (GMO). Yeast flakes somehow have always been one of the most favorite and versatile ingredients in the ..
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