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VF - Yeast Flakes

VF - Yeast Flakes
VF - Yeast Flakes
VF - Yeast Flakes
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VF - Yeast Flakes
VF - Yeast Flakes
VF - Yeast Flakes
VF - Yeast Flakes
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VF - Yeast Flakes


Vantastic foods yeast flakes are made from dried and inactive yeast, without the use of any animal ingredients. They are gluten-free, soy-free and free from peanuts and other nuts. They are rich in protein and are produced without the use of genetic modified organisms (GMO). 

Yeast flakes somehow have always been one of the most favorite and versatile ingredients in the vegan cuisine. Many traditional dishes with ingredients usually derived from animals become a very tasty purely vegetable alternative meal thanks to the pleasantly hearty and „cheesy“ taste of the small flakes.

For example, with the help of yeast flakes, some flour, tab water, mustard as well as salt and papper, you can create a wonderful „cheesy“ melty paste and easily transform any vegan pizza into a true Italian experience! Simply add it on top oft he pizza and let it bake in the oven!

Furthermore, spaghetti, salads & co. are perfectly upgraded when adding yeast flakes combined with some salt, roasted and ground pine seeds or walnuts as vegan alternative to typical Italian grated cheese.

But that’s not all yet! Vantastic foods yeast flakes are a true all-rounder and fit perfectly in almost any dish. For example, they put a cheezy flavor in sauces, make a great taste in homemade spreads with vegetables and nuts, and enhance breadcrumb coatings for seitan cutlets and more! There are no limits to their use!


Palm Oil Free

Contains Yeast


Yeast flakes




Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy: 1405 kJ/ 380 kcal 


5 g

Of which Saturated

1,8 g


34 g

Of which Sugar

14 g


49 g


0,5 g

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