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Wonig - Honey Alternative Daisy Flavour

Wonig - Honey Alternative Daisy Flavour
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Vegablum Wonig - Honey Alternative Daisy Flavour


Sweet Spread with Daisy extract.

When the first daisies blossom, spring begins. And just as these delicate edible flowers are awakening, your taste buds begin to blossom when you have first tasted the delicious and hearty daisy-Wonig vegan honey of Vegablum.

The vegan is the ideal alternative to conventional honey. The fact that honey needs a vegan alternative, is not everyone is aware. But also the bees are not always good when they produce the vital honey for them. Frequently there are bee-burial and exploitation.

Vegablum, therefore, set a sign with their Wonig and make a decisive contribution in terms of animal protection and vegan lifestyle. Your diet comes from fairly traded and untreated ingredients. For the delicious-sweet Daisy-Wonig lands precious extract of the flowers together with raw cane sugar and lemon in the jar.

The result is a great vegan bread spread, which can also be used for sweetening beverages and various kinds of food. Splendid, extraordinary dips and sauces succeed just as with daisies in the base, as dressings for crisp salads. How about dandelion salad with nutty daisy-buds and daisy-dressing?

Ideal for your next loving summer party in the garden with your friends. Or classic as sweet bread spread at the breakfast table. However you enjoy your new honey substitute Wonig von Vegablum - one thing you should be told: the bees will thank you!



Palm Oil Free


Plastic Free


Raw cane sugar*, water, daisy extract*, lemon juice* (* = certified organic)

* Organic




Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy: 1432 kJ/ 377 kcal 


0,2 g

Of which Saturated

0,1 g


83,8 g

Of which Sugar

72,5 g


0,1 g


0,18 g

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