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Veggihap Veggie Pasta Bundle VeggiHap wants to make eating vegetables exciting again! We source imperfect and surplus vegetables from local farmers and turn them into VeggiPasta that’s good for you…and for the food ecosystem! Beet Fusilli:This will make your heart beet! Our beetroot fusilli brings the flavours and beautiful red colour of beetroot to life. VeggiPasta is low in calori..
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Brand: Biovegan
Biovegan Agar Agar – Gelling Agent Pure plant-based gelling agent for delicious marmalades, cake couvertures or vegetable jellies. The perfect alternative to gelatin.Preparation: Stir the Biovegan gelling agent agar-agar according to the instructions in the cold liquid, bring it to boil, and let 2 min slightly yarn while stirring.. For cold substances: mix 2 g organic gelling agent agar-agar ..
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Your Organic Nature - Agave SyrupYour-Organic-Nature light agave syrup provides an ideal alternative to sugar due to the neutral taste and strong sweetness. Because of the low glycemic index, the carbohydrates slowly degrade in the body. Use agave syrup in your kitchen, sweeten drinks, desserts, muesli, yogurt and any other product what for you sugar used before. This light agave syrup is made fro..
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Brand: Mattisson
Mattisson Baking Soda – Natural Leavening Agent 1000g Baking soda is a 100% natural leavening agent. Baking soda does not contain additives such as this can be the case with baking powder. Baking soda promotes the volume of the baking mixture during baking. Dissolve the baking powder in two tablespoons of hot plant-based milk and mix it with the baking mixture. Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate..
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Bio Up - Chocolate with Coconut
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Brand: Bio Up
Bio Up - Chocolate with Coconut  Organic Bio Up coconut chocolate is an appetizing vegan tablet. It is made on the basis of ingredients of plant origin. High quality vegan Bio Up couverture with a clear note of coconut has an interesting composition, and the raw materials used for its production come from organic farming. Chocolate with coconut milk Bio Up is ideally suited as a stand-al..
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Brand: De Rit
De Rit Chocolate Sprinkles, Extra Dark De Rit extra dark chocolate sprinkles make breakfast or lunch a treat. Delicious with butter on thick self-sliced bread or rusk. These sprinkles in the form of paillettes give your daily sandwich an extra special flavour and enhance the dark chocolate taste. But also surprisingly delicious on cakes and in desserts. Sprinkles made from organic cocoa ..
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YON Coconut Blossom Syrup This syrup is made from the sweet nectar of Indonesian coconut blossoms. Due to the caramel-like taste, it is a particularly tasty alternative to refined sugar. Suitable for sweetening hot and cold dishes. But also great for smoothies, desserts and breakfast cereals, for example, and on pancakes.  Palm Oil FreeOrganicIngredients:100% organic coconut blossom..
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Nature’s Charm – Caramel Dessert Sauce  A smooth and creamy sauce made from premium coconut milk. For use in baking and desserts or as a rich ice-cream topping. Palm Oil Free Ingredients: Coconut milk (coconut cream, filtered water), cane sugar, coconut sugar, calcium carbonate, salt200g Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 1396 kJ/334 kcal Fat10,4 gOf which S..
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Nature’s Charm – Chocolate Fudge Dessert Sauce  A smooth and creamy chocolate fudge sauce made from premium coconut milk. For use in baking and desserts or as a rich ice-cream topping. Palm Oil Free Ingredients: Coconut milk (coconut cream, filtered water), cane sugar, cacao powder, virgin coconut oil, coconut sugar, calcium carbonate, salt200g  Nutritional Infor..
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Nature’s Charm Coconut Milk All Natural Nature's Charm Coconut Milk All Natural differs from other products in which the only ingredient is 100% pure coconut. No additives, exceptional natural taste, what makes it a perfect coffee whitener. Gluten FreePalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:Coconut milk165ml Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 849 kJ/ 203 kcalFat17,7 gOf whic..
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Nature’s Charm Coconut Milk Condensed A natural milk-free alternative for anyone who likes the taste of condensed milk. Nature's Charm Condensed Milk can be used in any recipe that uses traditional condensed milk. Also delicious in the coffee!The benefits of this tasty condensed coconut milk made from the best coconuts. Gluten FreePalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:coconut milk (..
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Nature’s Charm – Coconut Milk Evaporated Nature's Charm Evaporated Coconut Milk is a natural and milk-free alternative for the coconut and coffee milk lover. This delicious coffee enricher is made from the best coconuts from Thailand. In addition to coffee, you can also use this product in sweet and savory dishes. Plastic FreeSoy FreeGluten FreePalm Oil Free Ingredients:Coconut milk..
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Nature’s Charm  - Salted Caramel Dessert Sauce  A smooth and creamy salted caramel sauce made from premium coconut milk. For use in baking and desserts or as a rich ice-cream topping. Palm Oil Free Ingredients: Coconut milk (coconut cream, filtered water), cane sugar, coconut sugar, sea salt, calcium carbonate200g  Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 139..
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Nature’s Charm – Coconut Whipping Cream Nature’s Charm Coconut whipping cream is a natural and dairy-free vegan alternative for coconut and whipped cream lovers. Plastic FreeSoy FreeGluten FreePalm Oil FreeIngredients:Coconut cream (coconut milk, water), coconut oil, coconut sugar, carboxymethyl cellulose, vanilla extract, polysorbate 60400ml   Nutritional Information per ..
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Brand: Schlagfix
Schlagfix Cream Like MascarponeUse it as mascarpone, free of lactose, cholesterol, milk & soya, purely vegetable, perfect for cooking, baking and especially for desserts like tiramisu. CooledIngredients: Water, hardened coconut fat (17%), coconut fat (8%), potato starch, maltodextrin,Rice powder (dried rice syrup, rice starch, rice flour), potato protein,Thickener: locust bean gum; e..
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Brand: Horizon
Horizon Date SyrupSugarcane-molasses is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron This delicious date syrup is concentrated juice from cooked dates. Without any additions. Delicious on bread and very suitable for sweetening desserts, pastries, porridgeand pancakes. Prepared with 100% fruit. OrganicPalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:dates **organic 450g ..
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