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Alpro for Professionals Barista Almond Drink with added Calcium Tanning under the Mediterranean sun? Well, our tonsils don't say no to that! The Alpro almonds are lightly roasted to bring out their delicate nutty flavor. Perfect for a delicious cappuccino or latte art with almond flavor. Source of Calcium. Contains no added sugars, contains naturally occurring sugars. Start your day your..
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Alpro For Professionals Barista Coconut Drink with added Calcium Start your day your way. Whether it's about a delicious, vegan morning coffee or a refreshing vegetable snack. Go for Alpro for Professionals and you always make a vegan, tasty, healthy and environmentally conscious choice.Ready for a tropical trip… in your own country? The refreshing taste of coconut is the answer for all cocon..
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Alpro For Professionals Barista Gluten-Free Oat Drink Hurray, we have a winner! Completely gluten-free, so that every coffee lover can enjoy a delicious plant-based coffee. A full, creamy oat flavor with a silky smooth texture. Deliciously warm and cold. And don't forget: a microfoam for all latte artists among you. Oats are naturally gluten-free, but this is no guarantee due to cross-sprayin..
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Alpro For Professionals Barista Soya Drink with added B12 and Calcium - Especially formulated for use in coffeeStart your day your way. Whether it's a delicious, vegan morning coffee or a refreshing lactose-free snack. Go for Alpro for Professionals and you always make a vegan, tasty, healthy and environmentally conscious choice.Alpro Soy Drink For Professionals is a plant-based variation on froth..
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Nature’s Charm Coconut Milk All Natural Nature's Charm Coconut Milk All Natural differs from other products in which the only ingredient is 100% pure coconut. No additives, exceptional natural taste, what makes it a perfect coffee whitener. Gluten FreePalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:Coconut milk165ml Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 849 kJ/ 203 kcalFat17,7 gOf whic..
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Nature’s Charm Coconut Milk Condensed A natural milk-free alternative for anyone who likes the taste of condensed milk. Nature's Charm Condensed Milk can be used in any recipe that uses traditional condensed milk. Also delicious in the coffee!The benefits of this tasty condensed coconut milk made from the best coconuts. Gluten FreePalm Oil FreePlastic Free Ingredients:coconut milk (..
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Nature’s Charm – Coconut Milk Evaporated Nature's Charm Evaporated Coconut Milk is a natural and milk-free alternative for the coconut and coffee milk lover. This delicious coffee enricher is made from the best coconuts from Thailand. In addition to coffee, you can also use this product in sweet and savory dishes. Plastic FreeSoy FreeGluten FreePalm Oil Free Ingredients:Coconut milk..
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Brand: La Mandorle
La Mandorle - Instant Almond MilkThis Almond Milk is an instant preparation produced according to a patented process, allowing us to protect fruits' nutrients and precooked nuts for a better tolerance. Obtained with 65% of pure blanched, defatted almonds' flour, this instant almond drink offers a natural richness in proteins, calcium & magnesium.More than one kg of who..
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Brand: Oatly
Oatly Oat Drink Barista EditionIt is especially delicious. And you can shine with hearts and leaves in the foam. Just like different. You simply replace the regular milk with the same amount of Oat Drink Barista Edition.And then we have not even mentioned all the useful aspects of Oat Drink Barista Edition, such as the fact that rapeseed oil results in high percentages of unsaturated fatty acids.S..
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VF - Whity Coffee Whitener Whity is a vegan coffee creamer for delightful hot beverages. The Whity vegan coffee creamer is a completely plant-based alternative to coffee whitener.The package contains 150g of powder, which is an amount for about 30 cups of coffee or tea. (Or other hot beverages).How to use: Stir one teaspoon (5-7g) into a cup of your favorite hot drink..
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