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Strips & Minced

Cooling AidIf you want to be sure that the products arrive in good condition, we recommend ordering extra cooling elements. With additional, paid cooling elements we are able to find better environmentally friendly packagings and cooling elements.These Coolpacks are filled with a natural gel that can maintain a low temperature for a long time. Sometimes up to 80% longer than traditional ice or gel..
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Cooling BagIf you want to be sure that the products arrive in good condition, we also recommend placing a cooler bag in your shopping cart.These handy bags can easily be reused or given away to people who do not have one yet. (Useful for frozen foods from a supermarket or when you go to the beach)!..
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Brand: Primeal
Primeal - Bolognese with Soya Mince Primeal, the vegetarian kitchen, quick and easy! With this vegetable version of minced meat, Primeal gives you a fully-fledged alternative to meat. This recipe based on soy and vegetables is ideal as a vegetable and onion filling, for your sauces, your lasagna or as a side dish.Pan: Let the contents of the package simmer with 2 tablespoons of water for 2-3 ..
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Brand: Wheaty
Wheaty - Vegan Kebab Gyros A ready-to-eat meal according to its Greek (or Turkish example. Prepared by frying, this delicious crispy pleasure fulfills all wishes. Served with garlic sauce it's a Mediterranean dream. Wheaty products are generally suitable for freezing and defrosting.   OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContains Gluten, Mustard, Celery and YeastIngredients:water, wheat p..
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Veggie Cevapcici
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Brand: Viana
Viana - Veggie Cevapcici These spicy Balkan mince morsels are reminiscent of holidays on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Eight vivacious cevapcici are just waiting tob e fried until crispy brown.  OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooledContain Celery, Soya and GlutenIngredients:Water, wheat protein* (22%), capsicum*, minced soy protein* (8%), sunflower oil*, soy sauce (water, soy beans*, wheat*)..
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