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#2 Vego Discount Bundle
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Brand: Vego
Vego BoxOrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeFairtrade Check out our vegan Vego Box for the very best. In the box you'll find:- Vego - Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread- Vego - Nuts and Berries- Vego - White Chocolate Almond Bliss- Vego Chocolate Bar- Vegolino Nougat Pralines..
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#21 Topseller Snack Bundle
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Brand: Super Fudgio
Vegan Topseller Snack Bundle Topseller Vegan Snacks. We all know the moment: you sit comfortably on the couch in the evening and suddenly you think of something delicious. These vegan snacks are handy to have in the cupboard at such moments. 2.0 game changer plant-based snacks in a bundel. - Super Fudgio Chocolate Coated Corn Crisp- LoveRaw Cream Filled Wafe..
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Brand: Veganz
Veganz Bundle We all know the moment: you sit comfortably on the couch in the evening and suddenly you think of something delicious. Can be sweet or even sweeter, but certainly plant-based. These vegan Veganz products are handy to have in the cupboard at such moments. In the box you'll find:  -      Veganz - Sandwich Biscuit Lemon Cake Style-  ..
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#7 Dalicious Discount Bundle
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Brand: Dalicious
Dalicious Discount Bundle Dalicious; where taste and texture are leading. An intense yet elegant taste with a firm and creamy texture. We also paid extra attention to the size, a mini bar. The pure and tasty ingredients provide a lot of good energy.Dalicious flavors Crunchy Choco and Cinnamon Coconut fit perfectly with your favorite (specialty) coffee and tea, as extra energy for sports, work..
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Brand: Belvas
Belvas Belgian Thins Quinoa – Goji A variety of fine chocolate chips.60% organic dark chocolate – quinoa – goji berries – almonds – sunflower seeds – pumpkin seeds – pure cocoa nibs. A new way to savour chocolate! Belvas has created a new form of chocolate… broken, a delicious alternative to traditional chocolate bars.Easy to carry thanks to its closing zipper.Belvas processes all ingred..
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Brand: Love Raw
LoveRaw Salted Caramel Butter Cups THIS IS OUR TAKE ON A CLASSIC VEGAN SALTED CARAMEL FLAVOUR. USING CREAMY ALMONDS AND COCONUTS WITH A PINCH OF SEA SALT…MM MM MMMM.Our vegan chocolate butter cups are 10/10 but this filling easily makes it a solid 12/10 (not to brag or anything). Eat these on the go, all at once or get a little creative in the kitchen and add them to your latest attempt to ma..
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Brand: Prodigy
Prodigy Coconut Cahoots Chocolate BarTaste the tropics with our Coconut Cahoots chocolate bars. Sweet and luscious coconut is enveloped in rich, vibrant cacao chocolate for a rich blend of exotic flavours. Each bar is crafted from the finest desiccated coconut, natural coconut blossom sugar and our secret blend of fruit syrups. Awaken your taste buds with pure natural goodness in every bite.Our Ca..
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Brand: Prodigy
Prodigy Peanut Caramel Cahoots Chocolate BarProdigy Peanut & Caramel Cahoots chocolate bar is more than peanuts, caramel and chocolate. It’s the perfect crunch of sweet and salty peanuts, enveloped in our reinvented gooey caramel, and bundled up in a silky chocolate coating. It’s the carefully sourced ingredients that let the real flavour of cacao shine out. It’s a true reinvention of that cla..
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Chocolate Bar - with Roasted Hazelnuts (Can be broken!)
-25 %
Brand: Prodigy
Prodigy Roasted Hazelnuts Chocolate BarCrunchy, roasted hazelnuts and smooth creamy chocolate. It’s time for a Prodigy reinvention of that mouth-watering classic. Our Chunky Hazelnut Chocolate bars are crafted from organic whole roasted hazelnuts, rich and vibrant cacao nibs and just a dash of sea salt — delivering a luscious, velvety chocolate that’s brimming with natural goodness.Our Chunky Choc..
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Brand: Veganz
Veganz – Chocolate Bar Caramel Unbelievably delicious the plant-based Veganz Choc Bar Caramel crunch. Chocolate bar with an almond creme filling and caramel pieces. A true organic vegan dream for all chocolate bar fans.      OrganicContains Almonds Ingredients:Cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, inulin*, sunflower oil*, almonds* (6,5 %), dried rice..
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Brand: Veganz
Veganz – Chocolate Bar Coconut Do you long for a never-ending summer? Are you dreaming of white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water and bountiful palm trees? Then you are definitely ready for a holiday and the organic, plant-based Veganz Coconut Choc Bar – our crunchy chocolate bar with a creamy coconut filling. Take a vegan bite, close your eyes and get comfy in the hammock!   ..
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Brand: Veganz
Veganz – Chocolate Bar Hazelnut When life gives you some tough nuts, don’t wait – just respond in kind. May we suggest: The organic and plant-based Veganz Hazelnut Choc Bar – inside this crunchy chocolate bar are whole hazelnuts. Trust us, just one vegan bite and the world will look sweeter once again.    OrganicContains Hazelnut Ingredients:Cane sugar*, roasted ..
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Chocolate Break Bar - Chunky (Can be broken!)
-25 %
Brand: Prodigy
Prodigy Chunky Chocolate BarCreamy and healthy. Smooth and chunky. Embrace the taste of a darker milk chocolate with our delectable Chunky Chocolate bars. Raw cacao nibs are the essence of our chocolate bars, enriched with coconut sugar and the caramel-tasting wonder of the superfruit lucuma. The result? Chocolate reborn for a whole new experience. Irresistibly velvety chocolate that’s good for yo..
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Queen Sativa – Chocolate Mild Cacao  Queen Sativa is here to redefine chocolate as ‘guilty pleasure’. Mild Cacao Chocolate 62% is sustainable, vegan and packed with exclusively organic ingredients. In every bite of this plant-based chocolate you are experiencing the ultimately balanced flavor, with both chocolate and cannabis taste being front and center. Full flavor means full spec..
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Chocolate Sea Shells Praliné
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Brand: Clarana
Chocolate Sea Shells Pralinewith Delicate filling The high-quality organic and plant-based seafood from Clarana is ideal as a gift or snack. The best, selected ingredients make this vegan seafood something very special. A subtle filling with cocoa and hazelnuts ensures full enjoyment. The delicious sweets in chocolate seafood form are of course 100% plant-based, palm oil free and organic.&nbs..
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Brand: De Rit
De Rit Chocolate Sprinkles, Extra Dark De Rit extra dark chocolate sprinkles make breakfast or lunch a treat. Delicious with butter on thick self-sliced bread or rusk. These sprinkles in the form of paillettes give your daily sandwich an extra special flavour and enhance the dark chocolate taste. But also surprisingly delicious on cakes and in desserts. Sprinkles made from organic cocoa ..
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Ordering online of Vegan Chocolate specialities? You are at the right address! These delicious plant-based chocolate treats are just waiting for you. No nasty ingredients like in the dairy industry, promised! The best vegan choco bars, tablets, praline’s, luxury truffles you can order here.