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Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh




Brand: Alberts
Alberts - Seitan Frankfurters These seitan sausages are very good for grilling and roasting, hearty food choice for everybody. A crispy bite with a spicy taste. Close your eyes and enjoy.  Palm Oil FreeCooledOrganicContains Gluten and SoyaIngredients: Seitan * (85%) (water, ..
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Brand: Clearspring
Clearspring Silken TofuClearspring Organic long-life Tofu is made with just three ingredients: organic whole soya beans, spring water from Mount Fuji and Nigari- a naturally occurring mineral rich coagulant derived from sea water. Denser and richer than other soft tofu it has a silky soft, smooth te..
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Brand: Hobbit
De Hobbit - Lupeh Naturally fermented lupin beans. Cut it into pieces, marinate them and fry them in coconut oil. Palm Oil FreeOrganicContains Lupin Ingredients: cooked lupin beans*, apple vinegar*, mould (Rhizopus)*= organic farming170g  Nutritional Info..
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Brand: Hobbit
De Hobbit – Smoked Tempeh Tempeh, made from soy beans, naturally fermented and smoked. A meat replacer that contains all essential amino acids, minerals (Fe, Ca, P) and vitamins (vitamin B-group - except B12)  Palm Oil FreeOrganicContains Soya Ingredients: Soybeans*, water, ..
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Brand: Meetlyke
Meetlyke – Vegan Bacon Serving tips: cold or hot: As on bread, in bread rolls, in salads, fried noodles, with dumplings, rice, for pizza, in casseroles, etc. Palm Oil FreeCooledContains Wheat, Gluten, Yeast and Oats Ingredients: Seitan (water, wheat protein) 87.3%,..
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Brand: Primeal
Primeal - Wheat Gluten Organic wheat gluten powder for preparing seitan. OrganicPalm Oil FreeContains Gluten, WheatIngredients:Wheat gluten** certified organic500g  Nutritional Information per 100gEnergy: 1596 kJ/376 kcal Fat2 gOf which Saturated0,4 gCarbohydrates6 gOf which..
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Brand: Taifun
Taifun - Black Forest Smoked Tofu Gently smoked and seasoned with caraway, onion and herbs – the Black Forest Tofu really has a taste of adventure deep in the forest. It's also suitable for people with lactose and gluten allergy – the Black Forest smoked tofu is balanced with tamari, a gluten-f..
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Brand: Taifun
Taifun - Tofu Mini Wiener An excellent snack sausage for the smallest members of the family! Simply heat in a hot water bath for three to four minutes. Enjoy them hot or cold! Try the Tofu Wiener as a snack – heat them up and serve them with mustard and fresh bread and fresh vegetables.&nb..
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Brand: Taifun
Taifun - Tofu Wiener Simply heat in a hot water bath for three to four minutes. Excellent also in soups and stews. Enjoy them hot or cold! Try Tofu Wiener as a snack - heat them up and serve them with mustard and fresh bread and fresh vegetables.  OrganicCooledPalm Oil FreeContains So..
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Brand: Tofuture
Tofuture Tofu Press - BPA Free At Tofuture, we have created a unique and stylish Tofu Press that removes the water from unpressed tofu simply and effectively. Tofu is one of the most versatile, healthy and delicious foods around, but to get the most out of tofu you need to press it.Th..
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