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Sour Cream & Butter

Brand: Vitaquell
Vitaquell Cocovit Butter with Coconut OilNot only the coconut lovers will find this soy free butter great, but anyone who enjoys healthy breakfasts. It has a mild flavor and an easy spreadable texture and you can have a vegan sandwich with a snap  OrganicPalm Oil FreeCooled Ingredients:Water, rapeseed oil*, coconut oil* (18%), shea butter*, carrot juice, lemon juice*, emulsifie..
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Brand: Soyana
Soyananda - Sour Cream Alternative Soyananda Sour Cream is a plant-based alternative to sour cream, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Not pasteurized, made from living bacteria. Due to a very unique manufacturing process the producer can only guarantee a maximum of 3-4 weeks shelf life for this product. It means that this product can have a short expiry date (1-2 weeks) after purch..
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