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Brand: Vego
Vego BoxOrganicGluten FreePalm Oil FreeFairtrade Check out our vegan Vego Box for the very best. In the box you'll find:- Vego - Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread- Vego - Nuts and Berries- Vego - White Chocolate Almond Bliss- Vego Chocolate Bar- Vegolino Nougat Pralines..
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Brand: Vego
Vego - Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread If you loved the taste of the Vego bar then you are bound to enjoy this too.This is the Vego Chocolate Spread in a reusable drinking glass. Once finished you can use jar as a drinking glass. OrganicPalm Oil FreeGluten FreeFairtradeContains HazelnutsIngredients: Raw Cane Sugar, Hazeluts * (22%), Sunflower Oil*, fat Reduced Cocoa powder ..
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Brand: Vego
Vego – Nuts and Berries Dark chocolate (cocoa: at least 60%) with chopped almonds, chopped hazelnuts, drops of blueberry, pieces of raspberry and pieces of cranberry. Palm Oil FreeOrganicGluten FreeFairtradeIngredients:COCOA paste *, cane sugar *, COCOA butter *, chopped ALMONDS * (4%), chopped HAZELNUTS * (4%), HAZELNUT paste *, drops of blueberries * (apple juice from juice concentrate..
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Brand: Vego
Vego - White Chocolate Almond Bliss The moment you've all been waiting for…   Luxurious white cocoa butter base plant-based Vego-White with delicious almond pieces. Incredibly creamy and super tasty!Like all their products, it is Vegan, Organic, Fairtrade, Gluten and Palm Oil Free and it also comes with environmentally friendly packaging! OrganicPalm Oil FreeGluten FreeFai..
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Brand: Vego
Vego Chocolate Bar This huge dairy-free Vego vegan chocolate bar is made from the highest quality ingredients including Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts, blended together to make possibly the most delicious vegan chocolate bar in the world. The chocolate bar is also Fairtrade certified, organic and gluten free. VEGO Chocolate Bar is an XL chocolate ba..
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Vegolino Nougat Pralines
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Brand: Vego
Vegolino Nougat Pralines Let us introduce you to the newest member of the Vego Family! Vegolino, individually wrapped plant-based Nougat Pralines made with fairtrade, organic and vegan ingredients.  OrganicPalm Oil FreeGluten FreeFairtradeContains Hazelnuts and SoyaIngredients: cane sugar * **, whole hazelnuts * **, cocoa mass * **, cocoa butter&nb..
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