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Brand: Vego
The Vegobar is probably the tastiest chocolate bar in the world, vegan, organic, fairtrade and gluten-free.  Only exclusive high-quality ingredients such as fine Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts that blended together in a unique process to create the "Vego Who..
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Brand: Vego
A fine crunchy hazelnut chocolate spread, Vegan & Gluten free, Fairtrade and OrganicIf you loved the taste of the Vego bar then you are bound to enjoy this too.This is the Vego Chocolate Spread in a reusable drinking glass. Once finished you can use jar as a drinking glass. Organic No..
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Brand: Vego
Vego Almond Bliss White Chocolate - Organic, Fair TradeOrganic White Cocoa product with almonds. Only exclusive high-quality ingredients.    OrganicContains AlmondGluten FreePalm Oil Free​FairtradeMay contains traces of MILK and Hazelnuts     Ingredients:&nb..
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Brand: Vego
Let us introduce you to the newest member of the Vego Family! Vegolino, individually wrapped Nougat Pralines made with fairtrade and organic ingredients.  Organic No Animal Derivatives Cholesterol Free No Artificial Colors No Artificial Flavors No Preservatives Fa..
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