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Wheat, Pray, Love

Fair Ribs
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Wheat, Pray, Love Fair Ribs Spare ribs, heck no! How about fair ribs tho'? Made from our smokey seitan and green jackfruit, these ribs are boneless and BBQ-ready. The rib rack is pre-marinated in our soy & sesame marinade. Just pop it on the grill, in the oven or even in a frying pan and warm both sides for approximately 5 minutes. At the 4-minute mark (both sides), baste the rack with yo..
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Wheat, Pray, Love Seitan Babi Ketjap  This is our take on traditional 'babi ketjap', a type of Indonesian stew. 'Babi' means 'pig' or 'pork' in Indonesian. We leave the little piggies to have fun in the mud and use our classic seitan instead. This dish is made with our home-made ketjap manis, shallots, bay leaf, red chilli, and tons of ginger and garlic! It's reduced until it becomes nic..
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Wheat, Pray, Love Seitan Jackfruit Rendang Indo food is our absolute favourite! As kids, we were both spoilt by grandma's authentic Indonesian foods. Family get-togethers were the best: the table and kitchen counter tops would be packed with delicious dishes. The one that always had us going back for seconds: rendang! Vegan rendang is all over the place nowadays, and with good reason: It's fa..
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Seitan Saté
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Wheat, Pray, Love Seitan Saté  Remember, way back, when mom didn't feel like cooking, and you had to resort to ready-to-eat packets of saté from the freezer, with a bread roll on the side? Well, we created our own version of this Dutch-Indonesian childhood staple, but from seitan! With both of us having roots in Java, we felt compelled to do so. We used our classic seitan as the base and..
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