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Dog Food Complete - Yarrah Moist

Dog Food Complete - Yarrah Moist
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Dog Food Complete – Yarrah Moist Organic

Tasty vegan chunks made from soya beans with added organic cranberries. Ideal for dogs that have difficulty digesting animal proteins or people that like to feed their dogs no meat. Recommended for dogs from 1 year old. A complete, nutritious and highly appetising meatless meal for your dog. Only pure food, free from artificial additives, pesticides and GMO. The most digestible sources of plant-based protein have been carefully selected to make sure your dog gets exactly what it needs. 


This 380 gram tin is vegan and doesn’t contain meat or animal by-products. Organic soya beans are the main ingredient and are a source of protein. The added organic cranberries may help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and cystitis (bladder infections). The soya chunks are sweetened with apple concentrate for an even better taste. Thanks to the high level of water, the wet food keeps your dog hydrated. 



Soya*, sunflower oil*, cranberries* (2,4%), minerals, apple concentrate*, lovage*. * = organic

 380 g


Nutritional values


Analytical constituents in product (in %)

Crude protein (%) 9

Calcium (%) 0,19

Crude fibre (%) 0,5

Phosphor (%) 0,146

Crude fat (%) 4,8

Sodium (%) 0,151

Crude ash (%) 2,1

Magnesium (%) 0,051

Moisture (%) 76

Vitamin A (retinol) (IE/kg) 6.000

Carbohydrates (%) 7,6

Salz (mg/kg) 0,3775


Nutritional additives / kg

Vitamins: Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) –

Vitamin B1 (mg/kg) –

Vitamin D2 (IE/kg) 500

Vitamin B2 (mg/kg) –

Vitamin E (mg/kg) 20

Vitamin B6 (mg/kg) –

Taurine (mg/kg) 200

Vitamin B12 (mcg/kg) –

L-Carnitine (mg/kg) 100


Trace elements (mg/kg):
Iron (mg/kg) 59

Copper (mg/kg) 3,9

Iodine (mg/kg) 0,3

Selenium (mg/kg) 0,331

Zinc (mg/kg) 22

Biotin (mcg/kg) 70

Manganese (mg/kg) <5



Kcal/100gr 99

KJ/100gr 460

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